21 Ways To Save Money With Baking Soda

7. Remove stains

Whether you want to get a stain out of your shirt or carpet, baking soda mixed with distilled white vinegar is a proven remedy that works time and time again. Although a stain remover may only be around $5, that’s five of your hard working dollars spent on chemicals — yuck.

To protect you and your family, especially if you have babies or pets that come into contact with your carpet, try this natural solution. Once again, it only cost you cents. Simply sprinkle a spoonful of baking soda on the stain, wait five minutes and then dust the majority of baking soda away.

Next, spray equal parts water and vinegar on the area and dab with a clean cloth. After you allow this combination to soak for 30 minutes, blot and rinse immediately. You may also want to run your vacuum over a carpeted area after the solution has dried.  

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