The Hormone That Controls Your Belly Fat

The Hormone That Controls Your Belly Fat

Belly fat is a “BIG” topic of conversation these days. More and more people want to know how they can deflate the spare tire that has grown around their midsection. These may even be people who claim to eat well and get plenty of exercise. So what gives?

What Exactly is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that plays a major role in the regulation of energy intake and expenditure. Produced by fat cells, this hormone tells the brain whether or not you are hungry and you need to eat to produce more fat or whether the body should work on maintenance and repair issues. Leptin is the voice of your fat stores, and it lets your brain know how much energy is available and directs what is done with that energy.

When leptin is speaking clearly, it will signal the brain that the fat stores are full and hunger is no longer necessary. It does this by releasing large amounts of leptin at one time. It tells the brain to tell the body to stop eating stop hanging on to fat and begin burning the fat for energy. In a sense, leptin is in charge of hunger.

Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance comes about in much the same way as insulin resistance. When there is too much exposure to high levels of the hormone, resistance occurs. Eating a typical industrialized diet laden with sugar, refined grains and unhealthy fats causes inflammation. Sugar turns to fat and more and more leptin is released. After the body has beenexposed to high levels of leptin over a period of time, it becomes resistant.

The Hormone That Controls Your Belly FatObesity Drivers

Resistant leptin and insulin are in the drivers seat when it comes to obesity. The good news is that we have a brake on our side of the car. Changing to a healthy diet, free from processed foods and sugar, is the only way to control the radical behavior of these two hormones. Until we get a handle on how important diet is to overall health, these hormones will continue to act completely out of line with their character. They are only doing what we are telling them to do and if we give them proper direction by fueling the body with wholesome food, they will once again do the job they were intended to do. Even making moderate changes, such as cutting out all soft drinks will make a noticeable difference in the radical behavior of both leptin and insulin.

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