5 High Intensity Sports to Blast Fat Away

. 5 High Intensity Sports to Blast Fat Away

If you’re starting to tire of the same old workout routine – or are looking to up your fitness level a notch or two, checking out a new sport that provides a total, full-body workout will not only help breakup the boredom, but will help you achieve ultimate fitness in the shortest amount of time. Learning something new will also challenge your brain while making exercise fun instead of a chore.


Swimming offers a variety of benefits including increasing muscle strength and endurance while giving the cardiovascular system an excellent workout. Research has shown that swimming is one of the best ways to build and preserve muscle throughout your entire body with little risk of injury. This low-impact exercise can tone your upper and lower body without putting stress on your joints, bones or connective tissues. It also relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and burns a lot of calories. An average 150-pound person will burn as many as 900 calories per hour while swimming.


Squash is one of the healthiest activities you can participate in. It is a total cardiovascular workout that requires great hand-eye coordination and quick bursts of energy. You’ll build muscle, increase endurance and flexibility while burning an incredible 1,000 to 1,500 calories per hour, depending on the intensity level.


Whether you spend time on the water or indoors on a rowing machine, this activity is an excellent full-body workout that uses all major muscles in the body. While it’s obvious that your arms and shoulders are working hard, you’ll also use your legs, back, hips, gluteus and abs. Whether you’re on the water or on a machine, the average person burns over 750 calories per hour of rowing.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing provides thrills and excitement as well as the chance to get out in the great outdoors. It’s one of the best total exercises you can do for your body and even your mind. Climbing increases muscles while increasing strength and flexibility. An average 5 High Intensity Sports to Blast Fat Awayperson will burn approximately 760 calories per hour.


Boxing is a real “knockout” when it comes to cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance. If you don’t want to punch another person, hitting a heavy bag is a great way to release pent up anger and stress while providing a great full-body workout. Tone and strengthen muscles, burn fat and even increase bone density while burning up to 800 calories per hour.

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