How Taking Pictures of Yourself and Other Tricks Can Help You Lose Weight

Many of us know that the simple recipe to healthy weight loss is a combination of eating whole, nutritious foods, avoiding carbohydrates and exercising regularly. However, there are a number of tricks that can help you along your way to a slimmer you.

Start Snapping Photos

Keeping a photo journal of yourself throughout your weight loss journey can give you a visual reminder of the progress you are making. Begin by taking a ‘before’ photo, and then continue taking photos every week, or every two weeks if you prefer. Take time to celebrate positive changes in your appearance.

You can keep these photos in a folder on your cell phone or computer, or print them out and organize them in a weight loss journal. The format is entirely up to you. Viewing your photos can serve as motivation to keep you on track when the going gets tough.

Some people choose to post their photos online, for example on Pinterest ‘before and after’ weight loss boards. This way, your journey can provide others with inspiration, as well.

Another way to use photographs to inspire weight loss is to collect photos (either individually or on Pinterest or similar forums) of healthy, organic meals that look especially appetizing to you.

When you find yourself craving less-than-healthy snack foods, you can look at these photos, and switch your brain’s desire towards something that will boost your health and weight loss goals, not deter them.

Turn Off the TV

Snacking in front of the television has been found to lead to unconscious eating, often in very large quantities. Mindless eating makes you ignore your fullness cues, and before you know it, you’ve put away far more than you intended to.

If you are going to snack, stick to healthy snacks, and eat them without TV or other distractions in the background, so that you can be mindful of your food and how much you are eating.

Breaking the TV habit also has the benefit of clearing up time for other, healthier activities, such as exercising, spending time with friends and family, or, better yet, both in combination!

Surround Yourself with Blue

The book, Five Minute Fixes, published by Reader’s Digest Association Books, suggests accessorizing your kitchen and dining room in blue (plates, tablecloths, etc.), as blue has been found to help suppress appetite. Along the same vein, avoid yellow, orange and red decor, as these colors can stimulate the appetite.

Keep your Distance from Unhealthy Foods

When you begin your weight loss program, clear all unhealthy foods out of your cupboards. If a family member insists on hanging on to them, ask them to keep these items in their own room, away from you. At social gatherings, do not mingle near the buffet tables; fill your plate with a modest amount of chosen foods, and then walk to the other side of the room to eat.

In his book, The Thin Commandments Diet, psychologist Stephen Gullo recommends sitting at the end of the table when eating out at restaurants, if possible. He explains that this is because, “the center seats are where the bread, chips, and other sharing plates usually wind up.” Even the small distance away from these items may be enough to help you curb your cravings.

self pictureMeditate

It is well established that stress can lead to emotional eating, and emotional overeating. Meditation is a time-honored way to reduce stress, and if practiced regularly, can give you a lasting sense of tranquility throughout your days. If you are not plagued by stress, you may find that you do not emotionally eat anymore.

Many more simple weight loss tricks exist to help you reach your goals. It can be a process of trial and error, but with perseverance and a little creativity, you will find the ones that work for you.

-The Alternative Daily


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