5 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Health

We know that providing our bodies with good quality nutrition, sufficient hydration, and plenty of exercise plays a vital role in the state of our health. Yet, when it comes to achieving optimal well-being, this is not the whole story. Since the mind and the body are so intimately connected, it stands to reason that our thoughts can influence the functioning of the body.

And when something goes wrong physically, listening to what is occurring in the mind can provide an insight into what is happening in the body.

Dr. Joshua P. Levitt, ND, recently discussed the importance of treating physical symptoms from a holistic perspective on episode 6 of The Alternative Daily podcast:

“People will come in to see me with a problem. They have an issue and something is on the agenda — let’s say it’s their stomach. What I often say to them is, ‘Let’s talk about your stomach, and then we’ll spend some time getting to know the person in whom that stomach resides.’” He continues, “It turns out that the story of who a person is has a lot to do with their problem… You have to know the person too.”

Our thoughts have a profound effect on how our body functions. Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, you look good? Conversely, a negative feeling can spark a negative physical reaction — a worry can initiate an upset stomach, and stress can cause anything from a headache, to loss of appetite, and other more serious, long-term health issues. These physical manifestations are a direct result of an emotional trigger.

According to Ron W. Rathbun, founder of Kelee® meditation, the quality of our thoughts penetrates the physical body down to the very DNA. He explains that our thoughts affect our health, and can influence whether or not we develop disease. Harmonious thoughts nurture healthy functioning of the body, whereas disharmonious thoughts can be the on-switch to genetic weaknesses in an individual’s DNA.

So if we are to truly take care of our own well-being, it would be wise to look at healing the body from the inside out. Resolving negative thoughts is the missing piece of the puzzle to finding health in the physical body.

Here are just a few of the benefits that stilling the mind can have on your physical well-being:

Improve digestion

An upset stomach can be a common result of stress or anxiety. And while this is not necessarily a problem if a stressor is short-lived, it is an issue if stress or anxiety continues, since prolonged tension can cause the intestines to become constricted and hardened.

Ron Rathbun says, “When mental tension affects the stomach, the small intestine and the large intestine, problems occur. If your stomach becomes hard with tension, food will not break down properly. Too much or not enough stomach acid is produced, which can cause problems. As undigested food moves into the small intestine, it is not broken down enough to be absorbed through the intestinal lining because it is hard and rigid like a pipe.” Ron continues, “The longer it sits in the large intestine, the worse you feel. If you want to end tension in the stomach and intestines, tension in your mind must be dissipated.“

By stilling the mind in daily Kelee meditation, it is possible to begin to dissolve the triggers that cause digestive issues and restore health to the digestive system.

Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping the body at an ideal weight is essentially a simple energy equation. You replenish what you expend. However, problems can arise at either end of the spectrum — gaining weight or losing it — when food is subconsciously used as a crutch.

The way out of this cycle is to learn how to detach from emotional pain. Stilling the mind in Kelee meditation offers a clear point of perception from which you can learn new, more harmonious ways of being. With practice, persistence and patience, you can let go of the emotional pain that is affecting the healthy functioning of your body.

Support the immune system

Negative emotion is draining. A negative emotion will pull electrochemical energy from you, resulting in a weakened immune system.

According to Ron Rathbun, “Our immune system is our first line of defense against disease. When it’s working properly, it’s what keeps us healthy. The most important factor to keep your immune system at its optimum is your mental state. How you think and feel has a direct effect on your physical body.”

Ron explains that there are two ways negative energy can drain the physical body:

“The two major culprits in crashing your immune system are adrenaline and depression. Adrenaline-based compartments pull massive amounts of energy from the physical body to produce a high, but are always followed by a huge crash. Adrenaline is by nature a fight-or-flight response best used in emergencies. It is not to be lived on or you will shorten your lifespan.

“Depressive-based compartments pull energy from you continuously. They are like black holes drawing energy in and depleting you at the same time. It’s no secret that when you are depressed you have no energy; it’s hard to do anything, much less function to any degree of efficiency.”

Our “issues” are explained in the Kelee meditation practice as “compartments.” They are negative thought patterns that we hold on to in our minds as a result of negative experiences we have taken in during our lifetime. Learning to still the mind is a way to begin the process of dissolving the compartments that are draining your energy and compromising your immune system.

Slow down aging

meditationDr. Daniel Lee is a physician at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Health System, and author of a groundbreaking study on the effects of Kelee meditation on patients with stress, anxiety and depression. He calls Kelee meditation “natural Botox.”

When you let go of the mental tension that creates lines on your face and causes stiffness in the body, you naturally look more youthful. It is well known that stress accelerates aging. Meditation is a practical way to reduce stress levels in your life.

Improve sleep

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have been kept awake at night by a thought we can’t let go of. When you become trapped in the negative thought process of a compartment, you can “loop” in a futile cycle of thinking, with no resolution. Kelee meditation helps you to break the loop, by focusing on a still point in the mind. By breaking the loop, the energy source to the compartment is broken, and when the compartment is starved of energy, it begins to dissolve.

By practising daily meditation, you can let go of the things that are keeping you up at night and finally get some rest.

Taking care of yourself is part of life. By practising Kelee meditation, you can begin the process of healing both the mind and the body simultaneously. It takes five minutes twice a day — only a little more time than it takes you to clean your teeth. Never will you do so little and gain so much.

— Joanna Phillips

Joanna Phillips is copy editor at The Alternative Daily. She grew up in the UK, where she gained a degree in Modern Languages and European Studies. Aside from her work as an editor, Joanna trained as a yoga teacher in 1996 and has taught yoga in both the UK and the US. In 1998, she began practising Kelee meditation under the mentorship of author Ron W. Rathbun, founder of Kelee meditation and the Kelee Foundation. She has continued to study with Ron for the past 17 years. Joanna lives in Southern California with her husband and son.

©2015 with permission of the Kelee® Foundation


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