4 Ways Past-Life Regression Can Improve Your Mental Health

We all carry memories from our past lives. Yes, I’m talking about reincarnation. So, does your past life affect your present-day experiences? Supporters of past life regression say yes. In fact, you can even improve your mental health by gently releasing old patterns and issues experienced in a previous life. Sound unbelievable? If you believe in past life regression, it’s not.

Awakening the past

Each of us holds memories of our past lives deep within our unconscious minds. Memories may surface from time to time in dreams, meditation or deja-vu experiences. Two of the easiest ways to access these memories is through meditation or through regression techniques with a facilitator in a safe environment.

During a past life regression, a person may enter a previous lifetime and perceive a detailed depiction of that life and its events. The past life may be experienced like a movie with the entire lifetime passing by — beginning with birth and ending in death. In fact, some people will even experience the death scene (painlessly and serenely) and a life review. Here, lifetime lessons are highlighted and explored through higher wisdom, and possibly by a religious figure or spiritual guide.

With past life regression, you can discover important soul information through your own mind, voice and personal recollection. Not all problems have their origins in past lives. However, revelations from past incarnations and the afterlife can positively affect your mental health by providing clues, solution and wisdom to a variety of psychological problems.

Conquers phobias

Past life regression therapy can help cure phobias.
Past life regression therapy can help cure phobias.

For over 20 years, Dr. Brian Weiss, psychiatrist and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, has been using meditation and hypnotic regression therapy to help thousands of patients release past life trauma. Often what we have experienced in a previous life is the root of present-day issues. For instance, you may have a debilitating fear of flying, only to discover that during a past life you died in a plane crash.  

Past life therapy is extremely effective for phobias of all kinds, suggests the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT). In fact, there are even significant similarities in the kinds of past life and current life experiences that people with various phobias report. Sometimes, just the act of recollecting the past traumatic event is enough to conquer a phobia.

When past life therapy is combined with other forms of therapy for phobias, patients seem to improve even more than patients who don’t partake in past life regression therapy, suggests a study published in the International Journal of Regression Therapy.

Heals you emotionally

Many people who undergo a regression effectively remember a past life as if it were a story unfolding, suggests Amy Weiss, co-author of the bookMiracles Happen.” Or, they may simply just know what is happening. Others may see nothing more than a snapshot or a glimpse of a scene. But it’s not necessarily the events of a past life that heal the person says Weiss, “Some regressions are powerful not for the concrete details they provide but for the deeply transcendent emotions they generate.”

Past life regression allows you to remember who you are, what you are, what you have been through, where you have come from and why you are here. As you do this, emotional healing will naturally follow.

Change negative behaviors and patterns

Past life regression therapy can help remove destructive behavior patterns.
Past life regression therapy can help remove destructive behavior patterns.

The memories we carry from our past lives into this life carry an energetic charge that continues to affect us, suggests Dr. Christiane NorthrupOnce you accept that you may have lived many, many previous lives, your life improves on all levels.

When you go through a past life regression, the emotions and sensations you feel are real. The charges from these events create behaviors and patterns in your present life. Those patterns can affect relationships, your physical health and even your mental health. While positive patterns can energize your life’s purpose, negative patterns can lead to destructive behavior that ultimately block your path. But when past life memories become conscious, you’re able to release those negative behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you.

Rebuilds spiritual disconnection

Past life regression therapy is not a parlor trick. It’s a way to delve into the subconscious mind and unlock deep rooted beliefs that dictate fears, anxiety, how you react to certain situations and even the people you choose to partner with. Tibetan Buddhism believes there are two ways a person can reincarnate. The first is to be reborn involuntarily, through “karma,” which draws you back into life because of previous negative emotions and desires. Others, though, reincarnate to benefit others — think of the homeless man on the corner, who “humbles you” each time you pass him on your way to work. These souls can choose their place and time of birth, as well as their parents.

This may seem like a strange and exciting concept for you. Or, on the other hand, you might have always held an underlying belief that reincarnation exists. For me, it’s the latter. I’ve always believed in past lives, and that they hold the key to our soul’s development. From first-hand experience, I can say that past life regression is a fascinating way to explore your past lives. And it can definitely offer insight and wisdom into your emotional “ticks.”

Many people drift through life robotically, feeling somewhat lost and dissatisfied, with no real sense of purpose. It’s easy to forget that we are spiritual beings. This can lead to emotional confusion. Past life regression may help you reconnect with your deeper purpose. In turn, having a deeper sense of purpose helps you feel more spiritually connected. It also helps you feel more attuned to people and your surroundings. In the end, that will benefit your mental health. If your life’s journey includes evolving and growing as much as possible in your current existence, then past life regression may be something you should try.

— Katherine Marko

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