5 Reasons to Buy Organic Underwear

Let’s start off by saying, you skin is the largest organ on your body. If that is the case – and it is – why put chemically-laden contaminates on your skin? Your underwear is the closest thing to your skin, and it is touching the most sensitive part of your body.

Cotton has been bleached, dyed, sized, fireproofed, and has wrinkle reduction, and the chemical remnants from these processes may end up rubbing against your skin. These chemicals irritate, cause bacteria to grow, and help with the growth of yeast…yuck!

You owe it to yourself to buy organic underwear. Here’s a list why.

  • Organic cotton is breathable against your skin, keeping everything fresh and dry.
  • The making of organic underwear has less processing, which means it uses no dangerous chemicals, and uses less energy.
  • underwareBuying organic promotes healthy soil, because organic agriculture uses composted manure, rather than synthetic fertilizers, which contain toxins and pollutants that poison the water, fish, and birds.
  • Organic underwear absorbs your sweat, and the toxins you release from your body. If you are not wearing organic, there are so many chemicals in your underwear that it would be difficult for it to absorb anything. That means the sweat is just sticking to your skin. That is pretty uncomfortable, don’t you think?
  • Organic underwear prevents yeast and bacteria growth down there, because it does breath and lets the air flow through. When air isn’t moving, things become stagnant and start to fester, making unpleasant things, like bacteria and yeast, start to grow. Sounds gross, but it’s the truth.

Organic is the way to go for so many reasons. Not only is it healthier for your body, it’s better for the environment. There are quite a number of websites where organic underwear and clothes can be purchased. There are also other options for organic materials, such as bamboo and wool.

So, live a healthier, eco-friendly life and try organic.

-The Alternative Daily


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