5 Brain Training Exercises to Sharpen Your Mind

It is no secret that the best way to prevent illnesses of the mind is to exercise the brain. Keeping your mind active has been proven to decrease your chances of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some great brain training exercises to keep your mind in top shape.

Never stop learning

Simply learning new things is one of the best possible brain training exercises you can do. The great news is, there are so many possible ways of doing it. One way is to take classes online through websites like Coursera.org or Edx.org, where you can take courses from the top universities for free. They have so many topics to study that the possibilities seem endless.

You could also learn a new hobby through websites like Instructables.com, which offers complete do-it-yourself hobby instructions. Or perhaps you would like to learn a new language. Learning another language activates areas of the brain that will improve your command of your native tongue, as well. There are wonderful language programs available through RosettaStone.com and Duolingo.com which offer many lessons to choose from.

Read something every day

The act of reading itself is a wonderful brain exercise. Make a point to read something every day. It could be a newspaper, book, blog or magazine, but the more informative it is, the more of a workout it will be for your thinking cap. If you are short on time, you could read the dictionary – try picking five words to learn about and rehearse in your mind.

Play games

The act of solving problems and figuring out puzzles is excellent for keeping your brain in shape. Whether you’re a crossword addict or Sudoku fan, playing puzzles will help you to stay sharp. Solving math equations, figuring out word puzzles, and even just a quick game of Bubble Witch on your smartphone will do wonders for your thinking processes.


BConversing with others on topics of common interest is a great workout. Talking about in-depth topics like headline news and political interests exercises your ability to pay attention and focus. There are also many interest groups for like-minded individuals who enjoy the same hobbies or share the same religious beliefs.

Exercise your body

When your body is healthy, it keeps your mind healthy as well. Exercising your body affects your vitality, mood and alertness. Exercise stimulates the nervous system and causes you to perform at a higher level of functionality.

According to a study by the University of Pittsburgh published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, it was proven that aerobic exercises stimulated the growth of new stem cells in humans. This discovery just goes to show that your brain definitely benefits along with your body from some good old fashioned exercise.

What have you done to exercise your brain today?

-The Alternative Daily


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