19 Drinks As Good As Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

How weight loss drinks work in your body

First, let’s briefly examine how these drinks work in the body. There are many mechanisms by which a beverage can increase your body’s ability to shed excess weight, and since different ingredients have different benefits, you’ll see the most positive change if you consume a rotation of different recipes on a regular basis.

Weight loss drinks encourage healthy hydration

The human body requires a certain amount of fluid each day to maintain a healthy level of hydration. When your body needs water, the signal for thirst can often be confused with hunger, so often we eat when we don’t actually need to. Consuming more of the drinks from the list below can pre-empt this issue by keeping the body hydrated and preventing unnecessary eating.

Weight loss drinks increase satiety

Simply put, drinks take up space in the stomach and decrease the need to eat more food. In addition, incorporating nutrient-dense ingredients such as yogurt, nuts and seeds provides healthy calories reducing the urge to snack on junk food.

Weight loss drinks can help balance blood sugar

Certain ingredients such as cinnamon and whey protein can help balance blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity, which in turn helps regulate hormones and hunger signals in the body to encourage weight loss.

Weight loss drinks can reduce inflammation

Inflammation is known to be one of the most prevalent root causes of disease and can lead the body to hold on to excess fat. Inflammation also causes swelling and hardening in the tissues of the body which creates the impression of a heavier body weight. Incorporating strategic ingredients such as green tea and turmeric into your weight loss drinks can help combat this effect and create a slimmer physique.

Weight loss drinks can enhance metabolism, digestion and detoxification

When you digest more effectively, your body is naturally able to move toxins and waste products through the system. This is why it’s a great idea to use detoxifying ingredients such as spirulina and ginger when making weight loss drinks.

Weight loss drinks can support the immune system and microbiome

Working hand in hand with the digestive system, we can’t forget the critical function of the microbiome. Consuming probiotic ingredients like kombucha and kefir is an effective way to support these functions to encourage weight loss.

Weight loss drink recipes and ideas

Now that you understand how weight loss drinks work, let’s get on to the recipes.

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