So, What’s This About a Healing Crystal?

If you thought that crystals and gemstones were only for putting in jewelry, you’ll be surprised to learn that there’s another use for them that’s gaining popularity. What if you could treat a minor health problem, like a headache, insomnia or fatigue, simply by wearing, carrying around, or placing a crystal on a specific spot on your body?

Well, this is exactly what proponents of the ancient practice of ‘crystal healing,’ an alternative medicine technique that uses crystals and other stones as channels for natural healing energy, claim is possible.

The relationship between humans and crystals goes back centuries. The Ancient Sumerians used crystals in their magic formulas, and the ancient Egyptians used them for protection and wealth. The ancient Greeks went on to attribute different properties to different types of crystals, and created rituals related to these properties.

For example, Greek warriors would rub hematite all over their bodies before battle in attempts to make themselves invincible. The method of healing through crystals, however, is comparatively recent, dating back to the 17th century in Germany. Even more recently, it is being revived in the New Age circles of the Western world.

Within this practice, different types of stones and crystals are thought to carry different vibrational frequencies, which make some more appropriate than others for treating different ailments and problems. When you visit a crystal shop or healer with a specific problem, they might recommend a certain stone to wear or carry around with you, or they might suggest a more intensive treatment in which crystals are strategically placed on points of the body.

For the latter method, the crystals are placed in a way that is thought to channel positive energy, remove negative energy and dissolve energy blockages. Using the crystals effectively requires the healer to understand or be able to feel the location, movement, quality and blockages of energy in the body in order to know where and how to place the crystals.

Although no peer reviewed studies have shown that healing crystals can affect one’s energy or ailments beyond having a placebo effect, perhaps we shouldn’t totally write off the ancient technique. At the very least, people have experienced a lot of anecdotal success with them, and the premise isn’t even that far-fetched.

silhouette on the white backgroundIf we accept that everything has energy, and that energies occur at different frequencies, and that our energies are dependent on different factors (for example, caffeine intake), it’s certainly possible that using crystals with specific vibrations can affect the body’s energy.

In the end, most people who experience any kind of suffering would be glad to be rid of it by any means. So if you carry a crystal in your pocket and your headache disappears, more power to you!

Note: Crystals were never intended to treat serious illnesses. If you have a serious condition, always see a doctor.

-The Alternative Daily


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