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What Happens To Your Poop When You Flush? The Poop Cycle

The end-result of the so-called “poop cycle” may not be what you think. Once you flush you might assume that it is the last...

How Many Times Are You Pooping Each Day?

Having a healthy digestive system is vital for the overall health of your entire body. When your digestive system is not working properly, it...

Have You Ever Had a Ghost Poop?

The Ghostbusters were out to vanquish green goop; but if you have ghost poop (we're not kidding), it takes more than an ectoplasmic slime-buster to get your bowels moving smoothly.

The Not Uncommon Poop Transplant

It might sound icky and gross, but fecal transplants can be beneficial for individuals with extreme cases of intestinal Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections....

High Processed Food Diet Leads to Irritable Dowel Disease, More

In a study published in the journal Nature, researchers have found that processed foods common to the Western diet are a large contributing factor...

Irregular Bowel Movements Could Be Sign of Thyroid Problems

If you have experienced changes in your regular bowel habits, thyroid problems may be the culprit. Thyroid problems are one of the most common...