The Not Uncommon Poop Transplant

The Not Uncommon Poop Transplant

It might sound icky and gross, but fecal transplants can be beneficial for individuals with extreme cases of intestinal Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections. C. diff can run out of control due to antibiotic overuse and when probiotic consumption does not restore gut health.

The Not Uncommon Poop TransplantTransplanting Poop?!?!

C. diff is an infection that can flourish within the intestines when antibiotics are repeatedly prescribed. Unfortunately, although antibiotics can effectively kills many infectious agents, they also kill beneficial bacteria that are needed for optimal health in the gut. When out of control, C. diff can throw the entire intestinal and immune system out of whack.

Doctors have found that reintroducing filtered stool into patients’ intestinal systems is the best approach to dealing with extreme C. diff infections that are not resolved with probiotics and antibiotics. Donor stool is taken from a close relative or partner and ground up. Solid material is filtered and the remaining material is placed in a sterile suspension solution. It is then injected via a colonoscopic procedure into the patient’s body.

Doctors using this procedure have found it is the most effective method of treating C. diff infections. Additionally, fecal transplant has recently been found to be an effective treatment for inflammatory bowel disease, which is also associated with poor gut health and imbalances in intestinal bacteria.

Although the idea of transplanting pooh may be gross, it appears to be an effective treatment. However, if you prefer less extreme measures to maintain your own gut health, avoid frequent doses of antibiotics and eat foods rich in probiotics. Eating yogurt, fermented foods and foods with active probiotic cultures can help you maintain healthy levels of intestinal bacteria, leading to healthy immune system function.

What are your favorite probiotic foods?

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