High Processed Food Diet Leads to Irritable Dowel Disease, More

High Processed Food Diets Lead to Irritable Dowel Disease

In a study published in the journal Nature, researchers have found that processed foods common to the Western diet are a large contributing factor to increased rates of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Many processed foods are high in fat, which changes the composition of bile and leads to the growth of unhealthy microbes in the gut.

High Processed Food Diets Lead to Irritable Dowel DiseaseHigh Fat and Bile Production

Many processed foods are extremely high in fat. Often, families do not think about grabbing a quick fast food meal during dinner time after picking up the kids from soccer or football practice. However, most fast food contains high levels of unhealthy fat, leading to problems with obesity.

Another problem caused by eating a high fat diet is difficulty processing fat. Bile is produced by the gall bladder and dumped into the digestive system to process fat through the intestines. However, consuming extremely large quantities of fat leads to inadequate bile production. The result can be gall bladder inflammation, poor liver function and fat storage throughout the body.

Additionally, with inadequate levels of bile production, microbes thrive in the gut, leading to high levels of inflammation in the intestines. In response, many people develop inflammatory bowel disease, leading to uncomfortable diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramps and general discomfort.

Eating a low fat diet can avoid bile production and gut health problems. Choose low-fat protein foods, such as lean poultry, fish or soy. Also, avoiding processed foods altogether can improve gut health. Choose whole organic fruits and vegetable, along with whole grain products for better nutrition. Eating food high in natural probiotics, such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut can also improve gut health and improve immune system function and general overall health.

– The Alternative Daily

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