The Real Reason You Have a Runny Nose (It’s Not a Cold)

In fact, there are other surprising things that could be irritating your immune system and causing mucous production. Here are some ideas to help heal the root cause of that runny nose.

Allergies caused by a leaky gut

Allergies are what happen when the body senses particles that it decodes as foreign and triggers the immune system to upregulate.

Consuming inflammatory foods such as grains and legumes can damage the gut, causing small gaps between intestinal cells. This allows molecules from the digestive tract to leak into the bloodstream.

The body responds with antibodies against these substances, which should normally be contained within the gut. Because the immune system “tags” molecules that it has found offensive in the past, this sets the stage for recurring allergies.

Restoring gut health has been shown to alleviate allergy symptoms. Removing inflammatory items from the diet and adding in healing foods can help with this. Top suggestions are fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kefir, and gut-healing foods such as aloe and bone broth.

Candida yeast overgrowth

Those with leaky gut also frequently experience candida yeast overgrowth due to low immunity. Other factors contributing to candida overgrowth are long-term use of birth control pills, repeated antibiotic use and caesarean birth.runny noseCandida normally exists in the mucous membranes and gut in a small amount and is even vital for the proper absorption of nutrients.

However, when the gut biome is out of balance and immunity is impaired, candida becomes an opportunistic fungal infection. Candida produces a variety of toxins which incite an immune inflammatory cascade. White blood cells called T-Lymphocytes are produced in response to the infection, and the result is increased inflammation and mucus production.

Taking a high quality probiotic supplement and eating fermented foods can help bring up the number of ‘friendly’ bacteria, which will keep candida yeast in check. Eating immune-boosting herbs such as garlic and rosemary, as well as using essential oils like clove and cinnamon can help the body overcome an excess of candida.

Food intolerances

The most common food intolerance that contributes to excess mucus production is dairy. A wealth of anecdotal evidence tells us many people find that cutting out dairy products finally clears chronic sinus issues.

This is probably due to an inflammatory response to the proteins (casein and whey) or sugars (lactose) in milk. These molecules cause increased production of histamine and leukotrienes, which trigger more mucus in turn.

The allergy-inducing effects of dairy are more common with commercial pasteurized dairy. Raw dairy converts often report the opposite effect, saying that raw organic milk finally cured chronic allergies and intolerances. Raw dairy still has its natural enzymes intact, which help the body digest casein, whey and lactose safely.

Try going dairy-free for seven days and see how you feel. You can also seek out local raw dairy sources through organizations such as

Before you pop your next decongestant or antihistamine, try investigating one of these potential root causes of your stuffed-up system. You may just find long-term relief!

-The Alternative Daily


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