Nighttime Tension Tamer: An Alternative to Sleeping Pills?

Nighttime Tension Tamer: An Alternative to Sleeping Pills?

Over the years, drug companies have taught us to reach for a “magic pill” when suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, or when having difficulty falling to sleep at night. Some doctors are quick to prescribe the latest sleeping pill, which will get you to sleep quickly, but are the after-effects worth it?

Nighttime Tension Tamer: An Alternative to Sleeping Pills?When you take a sleeping pill you experience a “pill hangover” the next day, making it difficult to stay awake and function to the best of your ability. Researchers interested in natural alternatives to sleep problems are encouraging those who suffer from sleeping problems to learn more about practicing a nighttime tension taming activity to promote sleep.

A new study suggests that taking 10 minutes to practice the tension taming routine can help you fall asleep quickly. Also, the quality of sleep you get will improve which will allow you to feel more refreshed during the day. It is suggested that this approach is done right before you go to bed. The technique uses a method involving guided imagery and deep breathing. By imagining yourself in a serene location and taking deep breaths through your diaphragm, you can fall asleep within the 10 minute time frame it takes to complete the routine.

A research consultant stated that this technique builds on previous studies which concluded that stress interferes with sleep. By imagining a relaxing place and taking deep breaths, both the mind and body relax, which eliminates stress. It also quiets the mind, which is helpful for those who have racing thoughts while trying to fall asleep at night.

The study consisted of 135 men and almost 200 women, around the age of 56. Those involved in the study suffered from different mental health disorders such as; PTSD and severe anxiety disorders. The participants were asked to fill out a survey before the study took place, explaining their sleep patterns in great detail. The participants then attended a tension tamer course over several weeks, which provided conflicting results. 65 percent of the participants showed improvement, while 34 percent claimed they felt higher levels of stress upon completion.

A medical director who reviewed the study stated that sleep disorders, like insomnia, have a core issue that must be addressed in order for the relaxation therapy to work. However, those who just have a hard time quieting the mind and falling asleep can achieve great results by practicing the 10 minute nighttime tension tamer technique on a regular basis.

 Have you tried relaxing techniques like these to help you fall asleep at night?

– The Alternative Daily

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