Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Go Commando at the Gym

Face it; you hate those little lines that are visible through your workout pants and the creeping after your second set of squats that has you searching for a private corner to pull down. Wearing underwear when you workout is generally a hassle that most people would love to be free of. Well ladies, guess what? I have some excellent news for you… going commando during your workout won’t harm you, and it even has benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should leave your panties aside when you head to the gym.

The air can flow freely

One big problem of synthetic panties is that they don’t promote healthy air flow. The most important thing about underwear is aeration, according to Dr. Carolyn A. DeLucia, FACOG, MD, of VSPOT Med Spa. Wearing cotton is best but going commando is better!

Nasty bacteria is less likely to hang around

As long as you are washing your workout shorts/pants after each workout – bacteria have no place to hide. With panties, especially thongs and those made of synthetic material, bacteria gathers and stays put all day – unless you change.

Yeast infections have time to clear up

Going commando allows existing yeast infections time to clear up – mostly due to better air flow. Itching should slow down as should irritation after going commando for a while.

There is way less friction

The combination of heat and sweat is never a good feeling, especially when you are moving. This, combined with the restriction of wearing panties while working out generally causes friction that can be quite uncomfortable.

Your sex life may get a boost

Many women report feeling super sexy going without underwear when they workout. When you are aren’t worried about panty lines or pulling fabric out of your crack, you suddenly become way more confident. This confidence can do wonders for your sex life.

Your circulation will be better

If you are wearing tight undies while exercising, you are compromising your circulation, especially if you wear shapewear. Hard exercise and restricted circulation are never a good combination.

Best workout clothes for crotch health

So, you may have decided that going commando is the right thing for you, but you are unsure of the best workout shorts/pants material that will promote ultimate health down under. Here are some tips

  • Avoid fabrics that don’t breathe – Never wear clothes made from rubber-based or plastic-based materials. These fabrics trap sweat and keep it from evaporating making your body temperature way too high during a workout.
  • Cotton, not a great choice – Although cotton may feel nice against your skin when it is dry – the minute it gets soaking wet from sweat it becomes very heavy and traps moisture against the skin.
  • Wear clothes that suit your workout – The key factors in choosing workout clothing are comfortability and functionality. Loose clothes are ok for some workout while for others, such as cycling, you may want something tighter like spandex. Just be sure that whatever you are wearing is not going to get in the way of your workout or compromise your safety.
  • Consider the season – This is especially important if you exercise outdoors.  During warm weather, it is critical to choose fabrics that breathe and wick sweat away from your skin. Consider layers for cooler days that you can remove when your body temperature warms up.

How about it ladies, are you ready to toss your panties to the side and embrace the freedom that comes with exercising commando style?

-The Alternative Daily

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