The Jake Carney Show Ep 8: Kids on Leashes, AOL Shutting Down, and Fruit or Veggie

On today’s podcast, we discuss Kids on Leashes, AOL Shutting Down, and Fruit or Veggie.

Jake and special guest Matt D’Lando talk about being a bad parent. Are you a bad parent if you put your kid on a leash? I mean.. its not really a leash, it’s just a monkey backpack with a long tail.. right? What if you kid won’t stop running around, the leash could come in handy. Does the kids behavior reflect the parents? And what about cell phones? If the parents give their 5 year old a cell phone, are they bad parents? Should kids have cell phones and what age is it appropriate to give them one?

And you heard it here first, AOL is shutting down after 15+ years! Last week we shared our wacky AIM screen names. Do you remember yours? QUICK QUESTION: When you entered a chat what’s the first question you asked? (Hint: A/S/L) Can you guess what is it?

Then we hear from our content writer/ weekend fisherman, PJ. He believes it is absolutely cruel to put fish in fish tanks. Think about it, the poor animals are swimming around in circles for the first of their lives. How do you feel about fish tanks? Do you think it’s animal cruelty?

Lastly, we Matt begins his new (but short lived) segment Fruit or Veggie. He was shocked to learn that some of his favorite “vegetables” are actually fruits! How can you tell the difference between a fruit and a veggie? You think it’s easy? What is avocado, a fruit or a vegetable?

Is it okay to put children on leashes?
Do you remember your old AIM screen name?
Do you know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?

Find out as Jake Carney and Matt D’Lando answer all these questions and let’s play Fruit or Veggie on today’s show. Enjoy!

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