Healing Benefits Of A Ginger And Lemon Shot

Health shots have been all the rage for some time now, but what’s in your shot matters. If you stop by your local juice counter, you may end up with unwanted additives in your shot, or shots made from less-than-fresh ingredients.

Luckily, it’s super easy to make your own delicious and nutritious healthy shots at home. Though there are many types of wonderful shots you can come up with. One simple and effective option has only two superfood ingredients: ginger and lemon.

Both ginger and lemon are amazingly healthy on their own. Together, they can really pack a powerful punch. Here’s why you may want to consider scheduling a ginger lemon shot into your day.

Ginger is an ancient anti-inflammatory

Ginger, a rhizome used in many traditional medicines throughout the world for thousands of years, has long been known to be a potent fighter against chronic inflammation. On the subject, the authors of a 2005 article published in the Journal of Medicinal Food wrote:

“The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger have been known and valued for centuries. During the past 25 years, many laboratories have provided scientific support for the long-held belief that ginger contains constituents with anti-inflammatory properties.”

The study authors also added:

“The original discovery of ginger’s inhibitory effects on prostaglandin biosynthesis in the early 1970s has been repeatedly confirmed. This discovery identified ginger as an herbal medicinal product that shares pharmacological properties with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Ginger can ward off inflammation

A ginger lemon shot can reduce symptoms of inflammation.
A ginger lemon shot can reduce symptoms of inflammation.

Because of these potent anti-inflammatory properties, consuming ginger on a regular basis can help to ward off many diseases with inflammation at their core. It may also help to alleviate chronic pain. So, whether you have sore joints and muscles after exercising, or are recovering from another type of injury or illness, ginger may be able to assist.

Ginger is also famous for its role in boosting digestion, including eliminating intestinal gas, easing motion sickness and more. This deliciously spicy rhizome can also help to prevent and combat cancer.

Lemon boosts the immune system

The humble lemon is truly a superfruit, and one that’s a real gift to the immune system. Lemons are packed with vitamin C, which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the body fight off illness.

On vitamin C, the authors of a 2006 study published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism wrote:

“Vitamin C concentrations in the plasma and leukocytes rapidly decline during infections and stress. Supplementation of vitamin C was found to improve components of the human immune system such as antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities, lymphocyte proliferation, chemotaxis and delayed-type hypersensitivity.”

Lemons can support digestive health

A ginger lemon shot can aid digestion.
A ginger lemon shot can aid digestion.

The vitamin C in lemons has potent antioxidant properties and has been found to help reduce symptoms of various inflammatory illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Because of the effect of vitamin C on inflammation, it may benefit a wide range of other inflammatory chronic illnesses, as well.

Lemons are also great for balancing your body’s pH, and are excellent additions to a detox or cleanse. They contain a world of other health benefits as well, including supporting digestive health, regulating blood pressure, clearing up your skin and potentially protecting the body from cancer.

How to make a ginger lemon shot

A ginger lemon shot can boost your immune system.
A ginger lemon shot can boost your immune system.

To combine the properties of ginger and lemon into one healthy gulp, make yourself a ginger lemon shot. Simply place the flesh of a lemon and about half an inch of peeled ginger into your juicer and juice into a shot glass. It’s really that easy! Whether you’re feeling under the weather, or just want to boost the health quotient of your day, this is definitely one shot to try.

— Tanya Mead

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