5 Metabolism Busters that are Keeping You Fat

Your metabolism is the way in which your body changes the foods and beverages you eat and drink into usable energy. Since this process is integral to all of the body’s functions, it follows that it is crucially important to take care of yours. Some components of our metabolisms are genetic, but many depend on how you take care of it.

The following are five habits that some people have which serve to inhibit metabolic function.

Drinking soda

Laden with sugar, phosphates, and other nasty ingredients, soda has been found to slow the metabolism. Researchers have found that this sugary poison actually changes how muscles use energy, as they seem to develop an expectation of available sugar and will therefore not burn fat.

Soda and sugar are also linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic malfunctions.

Snacking on empty carbs

When we snack on empty carbohydrates, especially refined sugar and grains, our metabolism often takes a hit. Instead, try snacking on healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, avocados and maybe even an organic grilled chicken salad. Healthy fats help to support a healthy metabolism, and are ideal for the body to burn for energy.

Not getting enough iodine

Iodine is an element which is essential to proper thyroid function. The thyroid, along with many functions, controls the metabolism. If your body’s iodine levels are insufficient, your metabolism may drastically slow down. Some natural sources of iodine include sea vegetables (including nori, kombu and kelp), wild caught salmon and sardines, organic eggs and grass-fed dairy products.

Avoiding intense workouts

If you do not have any high-intensity movement scheduled into your exercise routine, it’s time to start. Avoiding this type of training equates to missing out on a huge opportunity to jump-start your metabolism. When you exercise intensely, your body continues to burn calories for a while after you stop exercising, giving extra oomph to your workout.

Inefficient weight-bearing exercise

Weight-bearing exercise, also known as strength training, is key to a good workout routine. However, you have to make sure to stay slow and steady. When you take your time with those weights and squats, the body has to work harder, and you end up burning more calories.

To boost your metabolism

weight lossA healthy metabolism centers around a healthy diet – lots of organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, proteins and healthy fats. Say no to the processed stuff, and drink plenty of water.

Regular exercise and plenty of sleep are key as well. One thing you can do to majorly rev up your metabolism is to switch all of the oils in your house to organic, extra-virgin coconut oil, which has some mighty metabolic powers, indeed.

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-The Alternative Daily

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