16 Years of Soda Leads to Major Heart Complications

Although it is not new news that drinking large quantities of soda is bad for you, the implications of an otherwise healthy woman drinking only soda for 16 years are staggering.

The 31 year old woman that claimed to have drank no other beverage except soda since she was 15 was admitted to the hospital after fainting. Tests revealed dangerously low levels of potassium, which led to an erratic heartbeat.

After consuming over 2 liters of soda per day for 16 years, the young woman’s body began to rebel. The woman had no family history of heart problems or hormone problems, which may have otherwise explained the heart condition that cardiologists found.

Excessive soda consumption causes excess water to enter the bowel, resulting in diarrhea and a loss of potassium. In addition, high amounts of caffeine also increase urine output and decrease potassium re-absorption, according to researchers. Potassium is necessary to maintain a regular heartbeat, and low levels of potassium often lead to heart rhythm problems.

Other health concerns associated with soda consumption include weight gain, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Health complications of soda consumption, both diet and regular, include kidney damage, tooth enamel damage and bone loss. Soda has no valuable nutrition that the body can use; it is an “empty beverage.”

Researchers were able to identify six other reported cases of excessive soda consumption leading to such adverse medical conditions as heart rhythm abnormalities.

ColaStudy leaders want to warn consumers as well as cardiologists about the connection between excessive soda consumption and potassium loss. All patients who are found to have heart rhythm problems should be asked about their soda drinking problems

Interestingly enough, after the woman abstained from soda for just one week, her potassium levels and heart activity were back to normal. This is a testimony for sure to the human body’s ability to self heal and regulate. We have to learn to put more faith in what our bodies can do if we abstain from poor food and beverage choices and provide the right fuel.

Obviously, the best beverage choice is always filtered and pure water. If you really miss the bubbly taste of soda, try mixing your filtered water with a little club soda and adding some frozen fruit, lemons or limes for flavor. Pretty soon, you will not miss soda at all.

-The Alternative Daily


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