13 Foods To Never Eat (#5 May Surprise You)

These days, it’s hard to know which foods are good to eat and which foods you should avoid with a 10-foot pole. This diet or that study will have you running circles in the supermarket, often with different sources completely contradicting each other.

A classic example is eggs. Ten years ago, the health authorities had us thinking that the average egg was only one step away from junk food, being loaded with bad cholesterol and unhealthy saturated fats. Today, these same experts have seemingly reversed their take on the matter, now admitting that the cholesterol from these eggs is, in fact, good cholesterol, and the fats from these eggs are, in fact, good fats. It makes you wonder why you ever bothered listening to these so-called experts in the first place!

The average person registers these ever-changing trends in food health, and simply decides to ignore all advice and shop for whatever they want to eat. While admirable, this approach is probably doing you and your family more harm than good, and in many instances is likely to create some serious health issues. Read on to find out foods you should actually avoid with that 10-foot pole… and I promise there’ll be no mind changing regarding their status in six months time!

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