What Kind of Cook Are You?

Your true personality really shines when you get in the kitchen, or maybe even when you avoid the kitchen.

Some people cook because it is relaxing and a hobby, some people cook only reluctantly because they have to, and others cook because they are concerned about eating the healthiest foods in the healthiest ways.

According to a study of 317 cooks, there are five types of cooks.

Where do you fall in?

Giving Cooks

This group of cooks was the largest with 22% falling into the category. Giving cooks are defined as those that are outgoing and friendly with a focus on serving comfort foods at special gatherings for family and friends. While giving cooks love a crowd, they rarely try new dishes. They have their specialties that define them. They especially enjoy cooking up home-baked goods.

Healthy Cooks

Healthy cooks fell right in behind giving cooks at 20%. They enjoy experimenting with new and fresh food ideas and cook with the notion of providing the best fuel mixture for their bodies. They focus on light or organic fare and often grow their own herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Creative Cooks

Creative cooks are trend-setters who rarely follow a recipe. They made up 19% of the cooks surveyed. They don’t have one easily recognizable style of cooking, but rather experiment with cooking styles and methods.

Methodical Cooks

If you are a methodical cook, you often follow the recipe to a “T.” You may be a part-time cooking hobbyist and are an excellent cook, but rarely color outside of the lines. Substitutions scare you, but your dishes always look like the picture. This category applied to 18% of the survey group.

Competitive Cooks

You are the iron chef of your neighborhood and competition fuels your passion for cooking the best meals possible. Competitive cooks often have a dominant personality and love to impress others. They are intense in the kitchen, and you often want to steer clear while they are in there.

cookNo matter what type of cook you are, it is a good thing that you cook at all. Too many people rely on fast foods, prepared and frozen meals that they can just pop in the microwave.

No doubt, putting some time into your shopping and cooking is a great way to start to integrate healthier foods into your diet. Be sure to pass on cooking skills to your children, as well. These are valuable skills that will not be wasted.

-The Alternative Daily

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