Try This Vagina Egg For Better Sex And More

Type “vagina egg” into Google and you’ll notice a steady stream of abusive articles piling up. More recently popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow, these eggs have been under constant attack from the mainstream media for parading as a tool for healthy living when really they’re just an expensive and dangerous gimmick. As one source boldly stated, “There are appropriate ways to strengthen the pelvic floor. Jade eggs are not one of them.”

Is there any truth to the claims?

Vagina eggs, more commonly known as jade eggs or “yoni” eggs, have had their place in human history for millennia. Historians estimate that jade eggs were used as far back as 5,000 years ago, and perhaps more. Certain cultures revered these eggs as a pathway to not just improved sexual health, but holistic wellbeing. According to some sources, empresses and concubines of imperial and royal Chinese palaces used jade eggs to gain access to sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain robust health into their old age.

And while the scientific community is yet to jump aboard the vagina egg wagon, at The Alternative Daily we’re all about exploring new concepts and old traditions in the realm of holistic health. Because, when it comes down to it, something that has been used successfully for thousands of years ought to have some element of benefit to it, right?

Let’s dig a little deeper into this so-called gimmick and see whether a jade egg should be the next big (small) investment in your health.

What are vagina eggs?

Vagina eggs can be used to improve sex and vaginal health
Vagina eggs have been used for centuries to improve reproductive health.

Call it what you will: jade egg, yoni egg, vagina egg — they all mean the same thing. These eggs are small stones shaped like a bird’s egg. They are typically constructed from either nephrite jade, rose quartz or black obsidian. Vagina eggs can come in three different sizes and can come either drilled or whole. Drilled yoni eggs have a small hole incised through the narrow end, so a string can be looped through. This allows for easy retrieval from the vagina after insertion. Undrilled eggs are a more traditional form of yoni. They are easier to clean but somewhat more difficult to extract.

According to vagina egg manufacturers, the composition of each egg belies its healing powers. Nephrite jade is said to communicate with the heart chakra, helping to balance the body’s energy and support the health of the kidneys and the female reproductive system. Rose quartz is often referred to as the “love stone.” It is thought to dissolve the barriers and blockages we have against feeling, giving and receiving love energy. Black obsidian, another popular vagina egg semi-precious stone, resonates with the root chakra. This makes it a powerful ally in the release of trauma and negative emotions stored in the body, particularly the pelvic area.

All very interesting, for obvious reasons, but difficult to quantify scientifically. Good thing there’s much more to jade eggs than just hocus pocus. These eggs help you to rebuild and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn promotes better vaginal health. Using these eggs on a regular basis can help to treat incontinence, fight cysts, encourage balanced menopause and tighten and tone stretched vaginas.

Vagina eggs can help develop muscles

Perhaps the most credible benefit of using jade eggs is the way in which they can physically alter your vagina through developing the muscles that surround it. Using a vagina egg in conjunction with specifically formulated exercises can help you to resolve issues relating to incontinence, menopause, hormone regulation and of course vaginal elasticity.

Due to the vagaries of childbirth or simply aging, many women experience a loosening of the vagina over time. Placing a jade egg in your vagina forces the pelvic floor muscles and other musculature that surround the vagina to contract in order to prevent the egg from falling out. This physical tightening of the muscles, coupled with certain exercises, can strengthen those muscles over time and re-tone your vagina. That’s something which drugs or herbal remedies could never achieve.

Vagina eggs can enhance sexual pleasure

Vagina eggs can improve sexual pleasure
Vagina eggs can lead to more intense orgasms.

Next, using these eggs can actually enhance sexual pleasure. First, these muscle-toning effect helps you to achieve more intense orgasms. With greater muscle development comes more intense vaginal contractions during orgasm, which means more enjoyment for you!

Next, vagina eggs are said to increase sensitivity. Becoming more aware of the egg within yourself, and forcing your body to acknowledge its presence and hold it in, can help to increase vaginal sensitivity and therefore heighten enjoyment from penetration.

Vagina eggs can help with birth-related issues

Many women have used yoni eggs to strengthen their vaginal wall and surrounding muscles, enabling the body to push out the baby with more ease and reducing the likelihood of injury during the process. Having a powerful, trauma-free, emotionally-balanced vagina helps to ensure a safer, less stressful birth. Not only that, using these eggs along with a healthy exercise regime postpartum can help to re-tone the vagina and speed recovery, which can otherwise take many years or never eventuate at all.

Benefits go beyond simple physical treatment

Using them increases a woman’s self-awareness and improves her relationship with not only her vagina, but also her sexual self. Performing conscious exercises with these eggs can improve control over the vagina, help to work through any emotional or physical trauma, and increase feelings of overall well-being. Because sexual health is an integral part of overall health, ensuring these eggs become a part of your daily or weekly routine will likely see a marked improvement in your well-being.

Similar to the above, using yoni eggs forces women to come to grips with their own sexuality. Modern society places a taboo on anything sex-related, which in turn can lead to our own minds subconsciously relegating anything sexual to the “don’t go there” basket. Using these eggs means embracing your feminine sexuality and becoming more comfortable with yourself as a woman. And that is something that science can never hope to quantify.

Ready to see if you can benefit from vagina eggs? Here’s how to use them:

1. Thoroughly wash your jade egg

This can be achieved by pouring hot water over the egg and leaving it to sit in near-boiling water for 10 minutes. You can also rinse it with white vinegar, wash it with a saline solution or dip it first in alcohol then rinse with water. Whatever the method, ensure the egg is completely clean before using it.

2. If your egg is drilled, consider stringing it

Most people use unwaxed dental floss to achieve this, which makes it easier to remove the egg after using it. The floss should be approximately as long as the distance between your hand and shoulder. Thread both ends through the hole, then pull through the loop to attach it without needing to tie a knot.

3. Prepare yourself mentally

The final preparation step is to prepare yourself mentally for the experience. Getting the full benefit of a jade egg means aligning your mind and body to the task at hand. You’ll need to use this focus to concentrate on the healing powers of the egg on a certain problem area. This might be an overly loose vagina, incontinence or even some form of sexual trauma. In a way, this step is almost like a form of pre-exercise meditation.

4. Find a quiet comfortable place and get started

In order to improve the ease with which you insert the egg, some form of mild stimulation (like breast massage) can allow your vaginal opening to expand. Now, lie on your back and insert the yoni egg. If you typically don’t produce much natural lubricant, consider applying a little coconut oil to the egg before you insert. Focus on simply feeling the egg inside you.

5. Perform pelvic floor exercises

Exercises with vagina eggs can help you control your pelvic floor and relax the body
Exercises with vagina eggs can help you control your pelvic floor and relax the body.

Try some simple exercises with your egg, including reverse bridge, leg lift, squat and planks. Before you perform these, do your research and know how to complete them properly. An ill-performed exercise has the potential to cause harm. At the end of your exercises, simply lie down and focus on the egg and the healing energies it’s imparting into your body. Slowly remove the egg, wash it and store it in the supplied pouch.

Even if women fail to improve vaginal elasticity as a result of these exercises, vagina eggs undoubtedly improve sexual awareness, pelvic floor control and relax both the mind and body. These are all critical to your health.

Have you tried vagina eggs yet? Tell us about your experience!

Liivi Hess

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