7 Unexpected Uses for Honey

September is national honey month. Yes, an entire month just to celebrate the miraculous benefits of honey. What better time to revisit one of our favorite health foods and delve into the lesser-known uses for this liquid gold? You’ve probably heard of using honey in cooking or using it to sweeten your herbal tea, but did you know that it can also help you recover from a hangover? Read on as we explore this and some other unexpected uses for this golden treasure. 

Boost athletic performance and increase energy

Unlike energy drinks and protein supplements that could have unnatural and potentially harmful side effects, honey can help to boost your athletic performance naturally. Take a teaspoon of honey before you work out to help keep up your energy and go that extra mile. According to a study of competitive male cyclists performed at The University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory, honey led to better times and more cycling power among the athletes when compared with a placebo. 

Help you lose weight

It doesn’t seem like something so delicious could be a weight loss aid. However, honey can actually help speed up your metabolism and curb your appetite since it doesn’t cause blood sugar fluctuations like table sugar. It is also a great way to help wean yourself off of sugary products and consume fewer cavities. Remember, even good things should be enjoyed in moderation, so don’t overdo it on the honey. It is healthy, but it is still a sweetener!

Add to your bath

You probably have heard of the skin benefits of honey and may have even made a DIY facemask to cleanse your skin from acne and keep it hydrated. But did you know that you can add honey to your bath to moisturize your entire body and soothe inflamed skin? You will smell wonderful, and your skin will be extra smooth. Soak in the tub with a book and light a few candles or play relaxing music for the ultimate spa experience.

Soothe a cough

Honey works just as well or even better than over the counter cough syrups and suppressants. Studies have shown that honey can help reduce irritation and prevent uncontrollable coughing while soothing a sore throat. It is particularly useful as a sleep aid for those suffering from an upper respiratory illness, as sleep is often hampered by coughing.

Treat wounds and burns

Honey has stood the test of time as not only a natural sweetener but as a healing first aid product as well. In fact, certain documents have been able to trace the use of honey for wound healing all the way back to 1500 BCE ancient Egypt. It can help clean and sterilize minor cuts, scrapes, and burns and even speed healing. Plus, there is evidence to suggest that it can relieve pain and reduce the size of abrasions. 

Restore limp hair

Honey can be used on wet hair to coat split ends and restore shine and reverse damage. If you use a lot of heat on your hair or are simply noticing that your locks are a little frizzy and worn out, this could be a sign of your hair crying for moisture. Use it as a spot treatment on the bottom of your hair or mix a teaspoon of honey in warm water and pour over damp, freshly washed hair. Let it dry and enjoy your new shiny, luscious mane. 

Gid rid of a hangover

That Friday night binge isn’t so enjoyable on Saturday morning, is it? Though it’s healthiest to drink lots of water along with your alcohol and avoid developing a hangover in the first place, a night on the town doesn’t always go according to plan. If you do wake up with a splitting headache, avoid reaching for that bottle of ibuprofen and grab a bottle of honey instead. Enjoy a light breakfast such as a piece of Ezekiel bread toast or greek yogurt and drizzle a generous amount over whatever you’re eating. You can also have a nice cup of tea with honey for the same benefits. It works because the fructose in the honey helps break speed the metabolism of alcohol and get it out of your system quicker. 

What are your favorite unexpected uses for honey? Let us know in the comments below!

-The Alternative Daily

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