Top 5 Travel Therapy Destinations


Travel is therapy. There are few things in life that can surpass the experience of traveling.

It can be transformative, bring enlightenment and open up an entirely new way of looking at the world. Sometimes it can even change your life in ways you may never have thought were even possible.

The best destinations for travel therapy may vary greatly, but some of the benefits that can be gained for all include finding the meaning of true happiness by spending time immersed in a different culture or new experience. Other places may offer an ideal escape from the daily grind that allows time to connect with the soul or even to discover an unknown talent.

Traveling is well-known to increase levels of perceived happiness, boost the mood and reduce the risk of depression. It can also lower blood pressure and stress hormones and help you live a longer, higher quality of life.

The popular book and subsequent film, “Eat, Pray, Love” inspired many to take their own journey to nourish the soul and experience spiritual healing. What does travel therapy mean to you?

Consider these top ten destinations that will pamper your soul, heart, mind and body for the ultimate retreat and potential life changing transformation.


Sedona, Arizona is known for its spectacular landscape filled with unique red rock formations as well as being the home for four power vortexes, known to contain powerful energy. Many feel that these vortexes contain great mystical powers; by meditating in these locations they may inspire spiritual awakening as well as physical and emotional healing.

Health-conscious eaters will also find many top eateries where fresh, local ingredients are always on the menu. Nearly all restaurants balance delicious fare with nutrition using locally-raised meats and the highest quality ingredients.

Many active spirits are found here as well with an abundance of outdoor adventures available including nearly endless hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and more.

Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is filled with many sacred sites. Coba Archaeological Park is noted for several pyramids that can be found along  ancient Mayan ceremonial roads.

The home to many Mayan legends, this large group of sites is connected to a central temple complex via a series of these Mayan ceremonial roads and more than 16 found at Coba.

Many travelers feel that climbing the 120 stairs to the top of Nohoc Mul Grand Pyramid is life changing in addition to enjoying panoramic views of the jungle canopy and beyond. The natural scenic beauty of this region makes it ideal for a spiritual journey.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta in Northern California is believed to be a spiritual power point. Many feel it has the power to revitalize, heal and inspire those who visit. The mountain is also known to have a powerful vortex, with ancient cultures considering it to be a portal to a higher dimension. Many travelers feel an overwhelming sense of peace when visiting, and find themselves inexplicably drawn here again and again.

Even if you don’t have a mystical or magical experience, Mount Shasta offers an unforgettable retreat as an outdoor lovers paradise with the opportunity for hiking, backpacking, wilderness camping and more.

Scotland’s Isle of Islay

The Isle of Islay is the southernmost isle of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. Here you’ll find a serene, magical beauty along with lush scenery that includes picturesque beaches along dazzling turquoise waters and an abundance of wildlife.

Many travelers as well as locals sense an enchanting energy emanating from the island, especially while walking over the hill to view Loch Finlaggan. There are numerous spots considered to be “natural power places” as well as ancient relics to discover among the awe-inspiring landscape.


peruPeru, and in particular, Machu Picchu, has long been regarded as a place of power. Many have visited this mysterious lost city since its modern discovery 100 years ago. Its magic is not a modern notion but something that has been known by its inhabitants for many centuries.

The original inhabitants believed it to be the true center of the universe. The faith and wisdom that are so readily apparent in the people living here today, often leaves travelers with a profound sense of significance in the universe.

-The Alternative Daily


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