Top 10 Trending Foods For Best Health

Sure, we still enjoy our favorite comfort foods now and again, but when it comes to the dinner table, things have surely changed over the years. With so much information at our fingertips, most of us — particularly millennials — have become better informed about choosing foods that target ailments and improve our overall health.


What Google searches reveal

To eat right and choose foods for particular conditions, people are going online says Google, to raise their food awareness and make more informed choices. In “what do I eat?” moments, people are searching the internet for the best foods to eat for certain physiological benefits.

In fact, “best foods for” searches on Google have increased 10 times since 2005, and are often followed by specific terms like “energy,” “acid reflux” and “your brain.”

Top trending ‘functional foods’

A new food trends report shows a growing interest in specific health-enhancing foods that experts call “functional foods.” These functional foods specifically target everything from the skin, libido and energy to depression, insomnia, inflammation and pain. Here’s the low-down on Google’s list of top functional food searches.

1. Turmeric: This spice with it’s active ingredient curcumin is probably best known for its inflammation-fighting properties. And with so many suffering from osteoarthritis pain, it’s no wonder turmeric is the top searched functional food.

Turmeric, the top searched functional food. (Photo courtesy: Swapan Photography/Shutterstock)

2. Apple cider vinegar: Mother Nature’s cure-all is used for everything from sunburn to relieving the body of Candida.

3. Jackfruit: It’s texture, similar to pulled pork, is commonly used in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine. But now vegans and vegetarians are discovering the benefits of consuming jackfruit as a protein substitute for meat.

4. Manuka honey: This honey is known for it’s healing properties and contains glucose oxidase, an enzyme which the bees introduce to their honey. It releases antiseptic hydrogen peroxide into infection sites, in or on the body, killing dangerous bacteria without harming surrounding body tissue.

5. Kefir: This fermented dairy product is similar to yogurt but offers so much more. Kefir is crucial for digestive health, and has been found to help promote weight loss, fight infections and allergies.

6. Coconut milk: Creamy coconut milk contains antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that boost the immune system.

7. Erythritol: This sugar substitute is 60 percent as sweet as sugar, yet provides five percent of the calories with a glycemic index of 0.

8. Bone broth: Quality bone broth is full of ultra-slimming minerals and amino acids, including fat-busting calcium, stress-relieving magnesium, gut-nurturing gelatin and liver-supporting glycine.

9. Cauliflower rice:  This mock rice dish is all the rage and works well to replace rice or couscous for those who prefer a paleo diet or simply want to add more nutrients into their diet.

10. Avocado oil: This superfood contains 20 different vitamins and minerals which are essential for great health. But benefits don’t stop there. It’s also excellent for cooking because of its high smoke point, and it has cosmetic uses that nurture and protect the skin.

Health-enhancing functional foods that provide physiological benefits is clearly not a new concept. But if you haven’t yet incorporated any of these foods into your diet, then you may be missing out on an opportunity to enhance your health and wellbeing.

— Katherine Marko

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