The Weight / Hormonal Disconnect

After spending the weekend hosting the Revolution of You Retreat with some amazing women, I realized something major: Learning more dieting and exercise information is dangerously distracting the majority of women from what’s really keeping them overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.

We uncovered the root cause of weight gain, hormonal imbalance and a lack of confidence being the disconnect we experience when not living our lives in alignment with what we truly want, who we truly are and boldly making decisions from that place.

Your weight struggles and hormonal issues are not going to be solved by participating in another diet. They won’t fully be addressed with a pill or by trying the latest fad exercise program. Even if you noticed positive results from those things you’d still feel like something was missing at the end of the day. That’s because weight loss and having a balanced body is just a side effect (a bonus, if you will) of something much greater.

Discovering who you REALLY are, what you’re made of, what your deep desires are and what you’re meant to do with this life is at the core of your healing, whether you realize it or not. Most of us are sick simply because we’re emotionally out of alignment.

Our symptoms can often manifest or spiral out of control from a deep-rooted wound. If that sounds too hokey for you, try this. Our emotions can swing the PH balance of our body from acid to alkaline, depending on how we feel each day.

People who chronically feel anxious, fearful, stressed or frustrated are creating high amounts of acid in their bodies, which can translate into stomach or digestion issues, weight gain, insulin resistance, acne, restlessness and headaches.

Our emotions also contribute to the motivation we feel to do pretty much everything. If we’re discouraged or hopeless, the chances of us following through and giving everything we’ve got to take care of our bodies is pretty slim.

Conversely, someone who feels at peace at the core of who they are and has faced their fears and has an attitude (by choice, of course) of gratitude and enthusiasm will approach weight loss and reaching their health goals in a completely different manner.

weightAnd, they’re probably the ones who will look and feel the healthiest…but not because they were “forcing” results to come or “striving” from a negative place; it’s because they were enjoying life, choosing to feel great despite life’s different circumstances and trusting that results were on the way.

If you’re feeling a major disconnect in your body, then realize that no diet or exercise regime will bring you what you want. Yes, those things are part of the equation and are necessary for making positive lifestyle choices, but they won’t create the kind of healing that you’re already capable of on the inside.

It’s not something that can happen overnight, but as our retreat ladies experienced, it’s a radical shift that can happen even in a weekend when you’re willing to show up and make changes.

Your life gets better the minute you want it to; simply take out time for yourself and start listening to what your body has to offer. You may need more guidance and support through this process, but you already have the answers you need to succeed. It’s just a matter of accessing them.

Action Step: Get quiet and take out time TODAY to just listen to what your body wants. Create this sacred time daily and follow through with any ideas or creative solutions you come up with.

-Katie Humphrey

As a keynote speaker, empowerment coach, author and spokesperson, Katie Humphrey inspires women to feel fit, confident and motivated. Her dynamic Revolution of YOU brand helps overwhelmed and stressed out women confidently reach their goals.

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