The Reason Behind That Stubborn Belly Fat

The Reason Behind That Stubborn Belly Fat in Women

Curious about why women tend to develop more belly fat than men, researchers conducted experiments to answer this question. Surprisingly, it turns out that eating a high fat diet triggers a chemical reaction in women’s bodies that is different from men, leading to higher levels of belly fat in women.

The Reason Behind That Stubborn Belly Fat in Women

Gender Differences in Belly Fat

Belly fat is strongly associated with apple-shaped bodies and high amounts of fat surrounding vital organs. As organs become saturated with fat, a person’s body becomes unable to efficiently process sugar and type 2 diabetes develops.

Many people associate high fat diets and sedentary lifestyles with the development of belly fat. However, researchers have recently discovered that an enzyme associated with vitamin A triggers hormones contributing to the formation of this type of fat. Although this hormone is present in both men and women, women have much higher levels of the hormone. As a result, they typically develop belly fat in significantly larger amounts than men.

Options to Fight Belly Fat

Even if women are more genetically prone to belly fat than men, that does not mean they cannot fight it from developing. Avoiding a high fat diet in the first place is one method of stopping belly fat from occurring. Eating a diet rich in organic whole fruits and vegetables and lean meats can effectively fight high levels of fat.

Adding routine exercise is also important. A variety of exercises can strengthen abdominal muscles and improve metabolism. For example, pilates or yoga that focus on core muscle strengthening can increase metabolism, improve flexibility and improve muscle strength. Additionally, cardiovascular activities such as walking, bike riding or swimming can increase metabolism.

Remaining active and eating a healthy diet that avoids processed foods high in sugar and fat can lead to an improved lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes is strongly associated with obesity and weight gain. By avoiding these health conditions, you will improve your longevity and overall health.

Do you have favorite ways to improve your lifestyle that include healthy choices? What are your favorite forms of exercise? Let us know what works for you!

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