Vitamin D Proves as Alternative Treatment for Tuberculosis, Study Suggests

Vitamin D Proves as Alternative Treatment for Tuberculosis, Study Suggests

There has been a great deal of information surfacing lately about vitamin D deficiency and how it impacts health. Curious about how tuberculosis has been treated in the past, researchers from Queen Mary, University of London set out to examine the effects of sun exposure on patients, given this was the traditional treatment for this lung infection.

Vitamin D Proves as Alternative Treatment for Tuberculosis, Study SuggestsSun Rays Improve Immune Function

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the researchers discovered that the tradition of sending tuberculosis patients to clinics where they could receive high doses of sun exposure treatment has validity. Long before antibiotics were widely available, patients were sent to clinics in Switzerland and the southwest United States, where it was thought that clean air and sun were the best forms of treatment.

Today’s researchers discovered that increased vitamin D through sun exposure stimulates the immune system to reduce inflammatory response. For tuberculosis patients, inflammation causes damaging cavities in the lungs. Reducing inflammation hastens recovery from the illness.

Sun Exposure as Antibiotic Alternative

Although nobody is suggesting that going out in the sun without protection, limited exposure to the sun may help fight off illness. By boosting vitamin D, it may be a way to reduce inflammation which is caused by infections. For those who are concerned about the potential impact of antibiotics on gut health and the negative side effects of those medications, sitting outside in the sun may be an easy and healthy alternative.

Sun exposure also stimulates the production of serotonin and other neurochemicals in the brain, which can be a natural way of fighting off depression and anxiety. When combined with a healthy diet rich in organic whole foods and lean meats, sun exposure may be one more method of improving overall health.

Does sitting in the sun make you feel better? What do you use to treat infections? What works for you? Let us know in your comments!

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