The Enzyme Break Down: Raw Foods Improve Your Pancreatic Health

The Enzyme Break Down: Raw Foods Improve Your Pancreatic Health

Most of us have a very basic understanding of how enzymes work and what they actually do in our bodies. However, understanding the role of enzymes and  how we eat, in a manner that supports enzyme efficiency, can improve your pancreatic health.

The Enzyme Break Down: Raw Foods Improve Your Pancreatic HealthEnzymes for Every Need

Enzymes do that hard work that keeps cells in our bodies working correctly. There are three basic forms of enzymes – metabolic, food and digestive.

Metabolic enzymes flow throughout the blood stream and help cells metabolize glucose and other chemicals for maximum energy and function. These enzymes can be found in some raw foods. However, most metabolic enzymes are created in the pancreas.

Food enzymes are contained in foods we eat. If you eat raw organic foods, you get the highest level of food enzymes possible. Cooking foods removes many enzymes, making them more difficult to digest.

Digestive enzymes are released as soon as you begin to eat foods. Saliva begins the process by releasing digestive enzymes in the chewing process. They continue to be released as food travels into the stomach. However, when foods contain little natural enzymes, are cooked or are not well chewed, the pancreas has to work overtime to create enough enzymes to process nutrients from foods when they are consumed.

An overworked pancreas results in inflammation in this vital organ. Additionally, if your pancreas is not working correctly, it does not release enough enzymes to remove waste products and break down inflammatory residue from your body. As a result, your body begins to work less efficiently fighting off the effects of aging and opening the door to disease.

To prevent your pancreas from becoming overburdened, eat whole uncooked organic foods whenever possible. Red meat is one of the most difficult proteins for the body to digest, in part because of the massive amounts of pancreatic enzymes that must be produced for digestion. Eating a diet high in raw whole fruits and vegetables and mindfully chewing your food can improve pancreatic health. Additionally, taking enzyme supplements such as papain, amylase, lipase and lactase can also aid in the digestive process.

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