Stop Shampooing So Often… Do This Instead for Beautiful Locks

Everyone has their own set of tricks to manage their hair. Is your secret combination of products and styling tricks working for you? For most of us, our hairstyling routine is based on the look we’re trying to achieve, not on whether it’s healthy and natural. Often, our styling routines are influenced by marketing, but commercial products are rarely the healthiest option. Here are a few tips for happier, healthier hair.

Trim hair often to prevent breakage

There is a long-standing myth that getting regular haircuts actually helps your hair grow faster. Of course, how often you cut your hair has nothing to do with how quickly it grows. However, there may be a benefit to regular trims. Trimming your hair often can manage split ends. Split ends work their way up the strand, so regular trims will help your hair stay healthy by reducing breakage.

Condition after every shampoo

The reason shampoo makes your hair look so clean is that it strips it of all the natural oils. This is actually bad for your hair, so conditioning is a must after you shampoo. You can use a commercial conditioner, but even better is a natural oil, such as coconut or castor oil, which can help keep scalp problems like dandruff at bay while also hydrating your hair.

Try no-poo

Since shampoo is so damaging to the hair, more and more women are choosing not to shampoo at all. How does this work without being disgusting? Well, it can be pretty disgusting for a little while, but it gets better quickly, and your hair will thank you for it.

First, instead of using shampoo, create a gummy mixture of baking soda and water. Rub this into the roots of your hair and your scalp when you shower. Rinse the mixture away, then condition with apple cider vinegar. Do this for one month.

Next, switch to using just water. To keep your hair from looking greasy during this transition stage, brush it morning and night with a brush made from natural bristles such as boar’s hair. Wash your brush every other day with soap to remove the oil from the bristles. When you brush, you will move the oil from the top of your head to cover the entire hair strand, which will keep it from looking too greasy. Follow the water-only procedure for two or three weeks.

Girl with flying hairAfter three weeks, your hair should no longer look like Valdez, Alaska. Your hair produces more oil when it is stressed, and once your scalp realizes you are no longer stripping it of oil with shampoo, it will reduce the oil production — how your scalp knows is a mystery. At this point, you can condition with baking soda and vinegar once a week for extra shine.

Use an oil mask

Oil masks are fantastic for hair that has been damaged by chemical dyes, overstyling or heat. Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with one tablespoon of honey. Rub the mixture into your wet hair, paying special attention to the ends. Place your hair in a bun and let the mixture sit for an hour. Wash the mixture out with baking soda and vinegar as a conditioner — your hair will be shiny and smooth, and will feel great.

Rinse in cold water

Rinsing your hair with cold water is a simple tip that is surprisingly effective. Cold water seals hair follicles. It also prevents hair strands from breaking and losing the hydrating benefits of your washing and conditioning routine. Whether you are using hair products or not, give your head a cold rinse at the end of each shower to protect your hair from damage.

These simple and natural beauty hacks will not only make your hair healthier, they will also save you money. Expensive chemical-based beauty products damage your hair and require you to buy more products to deal with the damage. Spend less and enjoy these natural tricks instead!

—The Alternative Daily 


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