How to Stay Free from Social Eating Pressure and Not Lose Friends

Losing weight can be a very difficult, as staying healthy and keeping trim is a lifelong process. You have to essentially re-learn how to eat, so that you are getting the nutrients you need without frequently consuming excess calories. There are also food triggers that you need to be able to identify and overcome.

One common food trigger is social eating pressure. When you are around friends, you may feel obligated to eat even when you are not hungry, or do not want the eat the foods that are available.

The following are a few ways to free yourself from social eating pressure.

Visualize weight loss success

When you start to feel tempted to give into social pressures, visualize yourself at your ideal weight. This can help to reinforce the brain’s neural pathways which help you to stay on track with your lifestyle changes.

Before heading out with friends, take a minute to see yourself at the party or restaurant feeling relaxed, calm and in control. Visualize the healthy foods that you will choose and then think about how proud of yourself you will feel.

Eat before you go

If you enjoy a healthy meal before you head out, you will not be hungry when you arrive. This helps to prevent overeating and junk food cravings. Create a meal that mixes healthy proteins, vegetables, fats and possibly fruits. This will fill you up and give you energy. It will also help to prevent that blood sugar plummet that makes you crave sugary foods.

Bring your own food

If you are going to a party and you know that the food there will not be very healthy, bring your own. Store some fruit and veggie slices, nuts and seeds in your purse or pocket, and you can easily eat them as you mingle.

You can also contribute to the party with something healthy like a vegetable tray or a fruit salad. This makes it easy to eat only healthy foods and not feel self-conscious, since many people will be eating what you bring.

Get to know the foods available

When you arrive at a party or a restaurant, take a little time to get to know what is available. This is easy at a restaurant, because you simply have to scan the menu to look for the healthy food options. However, you may wish to ask your waiter or manager how the foods were prepared, especially if you have dietary restrictions.

At a party, you’ll want to look at the spread and focus on finding the healthy items. Then, once you grab your plate, you can quickly head to the healthy choices and avoid the junk foods.

MThere are many ways to successfully avoid social eating pressure without putting any strain on your personal relationships. You can enjoy parties, stay in control and not have to avoid your friends to stay on track with your new lifestyle.

Use the techniques above and incorporate several of them each time you start to feel the pressure. This will allow you to enjoy food again without going overboard and eating too many calories.

-The Alternative Daily


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