Should I Exercise When I Am Sick?

Should I Exercise When I Am Sick?

When our body seems to betray us and we get sick, what do we do about exercise? A common concern – and something that tends to happen more as winter approaches.

Should I Exercise When I Am Sick?We have spoken about exercise as being one of the keys to good health, but it turns out that there are times when our bodies need a break.

The general guideline on whether to work out when you are sick comes down to a fairly simple test, if the illness is focused above the neck it is usually ok and if it is below the neck it is usually not ok. Heart problems, chest problems, diarrhea, vomiting or stomachaches should cause you to take a break, or perhaps consult a physician. In this age of increased incidence of diabetes, people who are diabetic need to be more careful because exercise affects blood glucose levels, and when a diabetic is experiencing sickness that may have adverse affects on blood glucose levels, you are only inviting a double-whammy if you exercise.

A head cold, runny nose, nasal congestion or a mild headache would be cases where exercise may actually help because exercise tends to open up the nasal passages and temporarily relieve you of nasal congestion.

If you are sick and continue to exercise, consider others in your routine. For example, going to a place where other people congregate, like a gym, is not advised. If you are coughing or sneezing, skip the group classes, go for a walk by yourself instead. If you choose to continue your exercise routine when you are not feeling well, take precautions, like having plenty of water or try exercising at half capacity until you feel 100 percent.

If you take a break, to give your body a chance to recover, even when you are back to full health, work yourself back up to your previous levels slowly.

Take it easy when you are sick, particularly with ailments ‘below the neck’, and when you are feeling better, get back to a regular schedule, but listen to your body, getting back to your full routine slowly.

– The Alternative Daily

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