Sex After a Heart Attack – A Scary Idea?

If you’ve already had a heart attack, the idea of resuming your sex life can be a little intimidating and even make your already-jittery heart start to flutter a little. However, according to psychiatrist Madeline Castellanos, who specializes in sexuality, getting back in the saddle may be just what the doctor ordered.

After-Effects of a Heart Attack

After you have had a heart attack, it is very common to feel depressed and fearful, especially when it comes to becoming sexually active again. Many patients are fearful vigorous activity will trigger another heart attack. While people commonly joke about “dying in the saddle,” the reality is that most people really do not want to die while having sex. Anxiety about sex after a heart attack is a normal reaction. However, rest assured that sudden death during sexual activity is extremely rare. Less than 1 percent of heart attacks are the result of sex.

The reality is that if you are capable of activities such as carrying groceries or walking up a flight of stairs, you are probably capable of resuming your sex life again. If your doctor has not already talked to you about sexual activity, bring up the topic and have a frank discussion about limitations.

If you have had a heart attack, you should add to your heart-healthy activities beyond the bedroom. Consider adding strength training and aerobic exercise to improve your cardiovascular health and reduce your chances of another heart attack in the future.

– The Alternative Daily

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