Sanity-Saving Tips to Get Through the Dead of Winter

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have entered the infamous time of year that we in Northern climates refer to as the “deep freeze,” aka the “dead of winter.” The holidays have passed, spring is far away, and man, is it cold.

To get through unscathed, you’re going to need to stay warm, find ways to make peace with the snow, and have a bit of winter fun!

Try the following tips to not only survive, but thrive, this season.

Proper bathrobe and slipper placement

Keep a warm robe and slippers ready right near your bed, so when you have to spring to life on those chilly mornings, you’ll won’t feel the cold.

Set up some warm-up music

Make a playlist of songs that make you think of warm weather, or that just give you warm fuzzies inside. You may also wish to include some track to play first thing in the morning, to pump you up while it’s still dark outside.

Find an ice skating buddy

Trust us, just do it.

Make a healthy snow-bowl dessert

Fotolia_75811577_Subscription_Monthly_MAfter dinner, go outside and scoop up a bowl of fresh snow. Run inside, quickly top with some fresh sliced fruits or berries, a bit of raw honey or some pure maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon. A nutritious variation of the snowcone that you can eat with a spoon.

Reinvent snow transportation

If you take the kids to the bus stop in the morning, pull them there in a sled! Put on a pair of snowshoes to check the mail, or run an errand down the street.

Move around!

Staying sedentary is not the way to a fun and healthy winter. Check out these fun ways to keep active in the wintertime.

See, winter’s not all bad, is it? Only a couple more months til spring!

-The Alternative Daily

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