Report: Multitasking Actually Disrupts Brain Function

In today’s world, almost everyone seems to drift between texting, watching programs on television and doing other activities. We just can’t seem to get enough done in the day to satisfy ourselves and slow down to do one thing at a time. However, there is mounting evidence that the brain actually slows down when you’re doing multiple activities.

Memory, Attention and Technology

In recent study from Stanford University, it was discovered that individuals who heavily multitask are also more prone to distractions and disruptions in working memory. It has also been suggested by University of California, San Francisco researchers that the popularity of smart phones, computer technology and other devices contributes to being more easily distracted and forgetfulness.

What research has also discovered is that when you multitask, your brain is unable to focus on each task. Instead, it toggles back and forth between activities, becoming less and less efficient as it switches back and forth. So while you might think you are getting loads done by multitasking, in reality, you may be taking a lot longer than you would if you were to focus on one activity at a time.

So the next time you sit down in front of the television, grab your smart phone and try to work on your report that is due tomorrow morning at work, stop and think about it. Maybe your report will be better if you set aside the phone and turn off the television and focus on your attention. Your boss might be impressed with your attention to detail!

– The Alternative Daily

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