8 Reasons To Stop Shopping At Walmart

8. Poorly run stores

If nothing else, it’s often an unpleasant experience to shop at a Walmart. Though the evidence here is more anecdotal, many complain that the stores are understaffed and simply not managed in an effective manner, making it a poor experience for both employees and shoppers. For more on Walmart’s customer dissatisfaction, take a look at some of the top customer complaints posted on the website of Consumer Affairs.

In many areas, Walmart may be the only option when it comes to purchasing many necessities. And there are many who simply cannot afford to shop at other stores, where prices may be higher. In those cases, you can’t fault customers for shopping there.

Still, it is important to recognize the negative impact that Walmart has on these communities. And for those of us who do have choices, it is much better to support local businesses than to shop at Walmart. Yes, their price are low, but at what cost? If you have access to other alternatives and the financial means to shop elsewhere, cutting down on money spent at Walmart will have a wide range of global benefits.

For more information on the impact that the retail giant has, check out the documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.”

— Sarah Cooke

(Feature Photo Courtesy: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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