6 Reasons To Stop Shaving Down Under

Nothing is more natural than the hair growing out of our skin, yet we often treat our hair “down under” as if it’s a foreign addition to our bodies. Based on a recent study, of the 3,316 women examined, 84 percent engaged in pubic hair removal. Although some of these women only give their genital hair-do a trim, 62 percent opted for complete removal — something which has been referred to as the “Barbie” look.

Hey, we all enjoy the freedom to do as we please, but did you expect so many women to walk around bald? Here is why you should care.

Here’s why you should stop shaving your pubic hair

Although there were many interesting stats presented within the study above, it’s important that we focus on the 59 percent of women who groomed their pubic hair for hygienic purposes. Meaning, somewhere along the way, women decided that this natural collection of hair was dirty and that getting rid of it was the best option.

In reality, pubic hair serves a purpose. While focusing on the health of your genitals, it can actually protect you from dirt and bacteria — which we will discuss momentarily. At the end of the day, the skin which your pubic hair protects is extremely delicate. If you are removing your pubic hair because it looks nicer, you may want to reconsider.

Article: Gals, Should You Be Shaving Down There?

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