Processed Foods Giving You Skin Problems?

Processed Foods Giving You Skin Problems

If you haven’t transformed your diet, and your health, by cutting out processed foods and you experience frequent acne breakouts or other skin problems, instead of turning to a prescription medication for help you might want to take another look at what you’re eating.

Processed foods are generally those that are produced using manufacturing methods that change raw ingredients into something inside a neat little package with a longer shelf life. They may include a number of artificial ingredients such as flavors, preservatives, monosodium glutamate( MSG), hydrogenated oil, artificial sweeteners and food dyes. These ingredients are often found in packaged cookies, crackers, baked treats and many fast foods.

Eliminating these toxins from your diet can result in a number of health benefits. Just a few include boosting energy and mood, better sleep, reaching or maintaining an ideal weight while decreasing the chances of developing chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, digestive disorders as well as obesity, depression and dementia.

Researchers are also compiling a growing body of evidence that these foods are, not surprisingly, tied to acne flare ups as well. A paper published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently stated that eating empty carbs and sugar foods – generally those that are processed including soda, candy bars, white bread and crackers can trigger acne. These are also considered “high-glycemic foods” and are highly inflammatory. They cause a spike in blood sugar, increasing hormones that stimulate oil production and cause inflammatory acne lesions.

Processed Foods Giving You Skin ProblemsWhen we eat foods that are unhealthy for our body, it’s bound to show up in a number of ways, including our appearance. By treating your food as medicine to fuel your body properly, you can avoid having to take any number of prescription medications. These medications can cause a variety of  scary side effects including an increased risk of depression and suicide, birth defects, sun sensitivity, poor night vision, muscle aches, nosebleeds and more.

Severe acne problems can also result in low self-esteem that often negatively impacts quality of life. Eating a healthy diet, loaded with fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of pure water balances hormones and encourages the release of unwanted toxins that lead to acne and other health conditions.

Wouldn’t you like to have a bright, clear complexion naturally?

-The Alternative Daily

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