Is Your Diet Making You Fat?

Is Your Diet Making You Fat?

Many people, hoping to get healthy, attempt to follow trendy diet plans that end only in confusion and frustration. Often, they gain weight instead of losing or lose quickly only to gain back quickly once they quit the diet. This is often referred to as yo-yo dieting and can be detrimental to your health. Are you one of those who will continue to embark on that latest fad diet only to be doomed to failure or worse, poor health for the rest of your years?

Many professed proven weight loss strategies sabotage overall, not allowing you to accomplish the goal of reaching your ideal physical shape. Severely caloric-restricted diets impede metabolism to a crawl and don’t provide the body with the nutrition it needs to perform even the most basic tasks- providing a double whammy of adverse effects.

Why Diets Fail

Here are some of the reasons why many diet fail:

•Forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like. Instead, a balanced diet that will result in weight-loss. Maintenance of an ideal weight should be based on healthy foods you enjoy. By going on a diet that calls only for specific foods that you may not even like, you’re depriving yourself of the pleasures of eating and will be unlikely to stick to it for any length of time.

•“Diet foods” are often filled with toxic, unhealthy ingredients like artificial additives and are heavily processed. This creates a buildup of toxins in the body that are ultimately stored as fat.

•Starving yourself until you can no longer take the hunger pangs results in a lowered metabolism as well as the prospect of eating a lot more or even binging when you finally do sit down for a meal.

•Setting short term goals and going off the “diet” when you’ve reached that number on the scale will only result in regaining the weight and then some.

Changing Eating Habits for Good

The only way to achieve the shape you want and keep unwanted pounds from returning is to think of healthy eating as a work in progress – not a diet with a beginning and an end. It’s time to change your way of thinking, and get back to the basics.

Is Your Diet Making You Fat?Avoid foods that come in a package or have a long list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. Fill your plate with plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and use lean organic meat as a side dish. Snack on nuts or seeds and use healthy oils rich in omega-3s like olive  and coconut oil

A balanced diet that can be followed for life is sure to result in optimal health and lean attractive look.

-The Alternative Daily

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