Podcast Episode #29: Kris Landers Spearfishes with Sharks, Photographs Massive Marine Animals

In this episode, I sit down with Kristofer Landers who is world-class in multiple aquatic fields. Kris is an experienced free diver who is an expert spearfisherman (or spearo, as you’ll hear him explain) as well as a very accomplished and well-respected photographer.

Kris shares many adrenaline-filled stories such as the one time he had to save his friend’s life after he passed out in 140ft of water!


Swimming with sharks is a bucket list item for some and a complete nightmare for others. However, Kris and his free diving buddies often seek out schools of sharks because one of the most delicious fish swims with the feared toothy critter.

I asked Kris a very controversial question, whether he believes that spearfishing is the most humane way to kill a fish and if it is the most sustainable way to harvest fish. He often gets threats and negative feedback when portraying his lifestyle on social media and his website.

We also talk about one of his most treasured experiences, with my favorite animal, the whale shark. Kris’ whole demeanor completely shifts when he talks about this massive fish.

I hope you enjoy my interaction with Kris Landers below (available as video, iTunes Podcast, or listen now via Soundcloud)

You can  also find more information and see all of the beautiful photos from Kris at his Instagram page  – and his Facebook page.


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