Podcast Episode #25: How to Use Morning Routines to Attack Each Day

In today’s podcast we’re giving away 10 YETI Tumblers! Stay tuned to find out how to win one. We may or may not be giving away Ralph’s podcast-used tumbler to one lucky listener!

How important are daily morning routines? Ralph talks about his new sleep and fitness regiments that are helping to kickstart his mornings. Megan and Jake weigh in as well.

Internet comments. Are negative comments taking away from the conversation? Should people be held accountable for what they say/do online?

Is it time to pick up a new hobby? Or should you get better at your current interests? The team discusses what new hobbies they want to take on, and which they need to spend more time on.

What foods are okay to eat with your hands? Pizza. Sandwiches. Steak?!

All that and more!

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