Podcast Episode #23: Kelee® Meditation, Take Shoes off Indoors?, Bernie vs. Trump

In Episode 23, we will be giving away a GoPro for one lucky listener. Be sure to listen to find out how you can win!

Do you take your shoes off when you go indoors? There is a ton of bacteria on the soles of your shoes and you could be spreading E. coli and C. diff around your house and others.

Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Are there certain parts of the relationships in which you should celebrate it?

The definition of meditation is often not clear. Ralph had a variety of questions on what is meditation and what is not. Jake practices Kelee  Meditation and gives his explanation on this often misled topic.

Trump vs. Bernie? Could it happen? The two non-establishment candidates are covering huge ground in the 2016 Presidential Race. Listen to who the crew thinks would win between those two.

All this and more!


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