Parents Fuming After Hooters Sponsor Cub Scout Camp

What started as a dream day at summer camp quickly turned sour after parents discovered photos of their children posing with Hooters restaurant waitresses at a Cub Scout camp. Apparently, Cub Scout organizers failed to tell parents who was sponsoring the three-day event.

Good deeds never go unpunished

The Boy Scouts of America are known for their value-based youth programs. Hooters restaurants on the other hand are known for … their wings (among other things). Still in the spirit of charity, Hooters, best known for its scantily clad servers, approached the organization about working with the scouts.

And that left parents like Michelle Kettleborough fuming after she picked up her seven-year-old son from the Frontier District Day Camp and found him surrounded by people wearing Hooters visors, according to KMGH-TV.

But parents say it isn’t the attire that has irritated them — shorts and fitted T-shirts — it’s that Hooters doesn’t fit the Scout philosophy, they claim.

Hooters posts photos

Hooters Colorado posted photos of boys holding their craft projects and posing with employees on their Facebook page. But they quickly removed them after a backlash from disgruntled parents. Later Hooters reposted the photos with a caption that reads, “We have opted to repost pictures due to a news story that ran this evening that was completely inaccurate! We are disappointed a good deed was portrayed in a poor light.”

The Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council apologized for the girls’ attire, but say they are grateful for their sponsors.

The Boy Scouts of America provides character-building programs for young people and helps them become responsible and participating citizens. Do you believe Hooters sponsorship was in poor taste and unbefitting the Scouts? Or do you believe their good deed was portrayed in a negative light?

—Katherine Marko

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