Organic Diet Boosts Childhood IQ

Organic Diet Boosts Childhood IQ

Research out of Australia sheds light on the impact of early childhood nutrition and how it impacts intelligence in later years. In a study of nutrition in children during the first two years of life, researchers discovered that those who were fed breast milk and ate a healthy diet tested higher in intelligence than children who routinely ate high carbohydrate processed foods.

Organic Diet Boosts Childhood IQNutrition for Children

It has been well known for decades that children who start life on mothers’ milk have healthier immune systems than those who are bottle fed. Breast milk provides a wide variety of benefits, including transferring immune system antibodies from mother to child and providing gut flora for healthy digestive system function. New research suggests that breast milk also contributes to healthy neurological development, impacting a child’s intelligence later in life.

Children who eat diets rich in organic whole foods also fare better when it comes to intelligence testing later in life. Whole grain breads and cereal, fruits and vegetables can impact brain development, as well as muscle strength and stamina. Researchers suggest that children eating a diet that avoids large amounts of processed foods test at least eight points higher than children who regularly consume these products. Children eating a diet rich in organic whole foods test even high in intelligence tests at older ages.

Starting a child in life with breast milk can set the stage for lifelong health and potential success. Continuing that journey by establishing healthy eating habits that include a wide variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, along with whole grain products helps children to reach their full potential. If children are not provided with frequent opportunities to eat processed foods, their palate will naturally develop to want and enjoy healthy food, which will help them later in life.

– The Alternative Daily


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