Mixing up Your Workouts: Why it Matters

Most people like to do what they’re good at. And who wouldn’t? While it is true that performing the same movements leads to efficiency and ultimately better performance, there are a few reasons why it’s important to switch it up every now and then.

Avoid Injury

Think of how many times your feet hit the ground over the course of a 5-mile run. Now consider the wear and tear your muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones are taking with each footfall. Overuse injuries develop from continued repetitive motion and no athlete is immune.

Swimmers, cyclists, tennis and basketball players, you name it; they all perform the same motions over and over. And their risk for injury escalates each time they dive into the pool, hit the court or jump on the bike. Rather than risk being sidelined with aches and pains, give those muscles a break at least one day a week with a cross-training session.

Tone Other Areas

You’ve probably seen those guys in the gym with the massive chest and arm muscles walking around on those oh-so-slim legs. Exercising the same body parts over and over often leads to neglecting other muscle groups. Switching up your routine allows the most-utilized areas to recover and the rest of your body to catch up in fitness.

So if you’re a runner, tone those arms with a few laps in the pool. Like to pump iron? Hit the treadmill for a cardio sweat session to target your legs and heart, or better yet, do some High Intensity Training. Remember, full-body fitness is key to total health.

Beat Burnout

How often do you start out hot and heavy into a new activity only to fizzle out after a few months? Well you’re not alone. The top New Year’s resolution is often to lose weight and get in shape, which is why the number of gym memberships soar in January yet dwindle by mid-February.

Why? Because people simply get burned out with the same routine. Rather than making exercise a chore, make it fun and exciting by trying something new. Whether it’s testing out a new class each week, going for a bike ride with a friend or even just running in a different area, trying something new will keep you from becoming stuck in a workout rut, or worse, giving up.

runBlast Calories Quicker

Ever see an adept swimmer seamlessly glide through a pool endlessly logging laps? The reason they are so calmly composed while you are splashing around like a fish out of water is due to a very simple rule of specificity. In other words, the more efficient you become at something, the easier it is to do and as a consequence, the fewer calories you burn.

Even running, one of the better exercises for torching calories, falls short as a killer calorie-burner for the avid runner who has run more miles than most people have probably driven. To take the calorie burn up a notch, try something you’re not good at. Not only will you spice up your routine, but you may also discover a new hidden talent.

-The Alternative Daily


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