Meditation Can Improve Clarity and Break the Cycle of Mental Stagnation

Do you find yourself utterly consumed by swarming thoughts and worries?

Are you often unable to think clearly and make positive changes in your life because your brain is just too ‘cluttered?’ The stresses of daily life have a way of taking a toll on the mind, however, just a few minutes of active meditation each day can help you to feel mentally clear, and more like ‘yourself’ than ever before.

The mind has a way of hanging onto issues that are not resolved. Sometimes these issues are big, and involve important life decisions and events. However, much of the time they are small, and we find ourselves obsessing about miniscule daily details, lingering annoyances, and thoughts of ‘what could have been.’

These types of mundane thoughts are often a waste of valuable time and mental space. They can also keep us awake late into the night, for no apparent reason. Daily meditation can help you let these thoughts go, and focus on the present moment, where anything is possible.

From a clear, relaxed vantage point, you will find the ability to do the things you need to do without distractions, as well as to clearly set life goals without nagging thoughts confusing your intentions.

The root of all meditation practices is to arrive at a clear, centered place in your mind, a place of ‘no thought.’ This is often achieved through focused, aware breathing. To try it yourself at home, simply find a quiet space, and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, and for a few moments – longer if you wish – try to focus on nothing but the feeling of your breath entering and exiting your body.

If you find this difficult, choose a mental picture that you find pleasing, and try to keep that in mind. Let your breath come naturally, picture all of your thoughts and stresses melting away, and focus on being only in the present moment.

When you are relaxed into this mental zone of ‘no thought’, and the nagging thoughts begin to shake the walls of your zone, take a second to recognize the thought, and then imagine it exiting your body along with your breath. You may be surprised at how powerful this practice can be.

There are many different forms of meditation. For those who would like to try it in a group setting, many options are available. Check your local community centers for meditation gatherings, and find one that looks appealing to you.

Some types of meditation are tied into spiritual practices, such as Zen or Theravada Buddhism, which often offer guided sessions by meditation teachers who are experienced in visualization and training the mind to be still. These sessions usually don’t require you to be a member, and many are open to those of any and all faiths who want to experience meditation in a community setting.

meditationYoga meditation is another option, and involves different yoga poses to help you reach your center of ‘no thought.’ For some, however, individual, personal meditation practice is the ideal choice.

However you choose to meditate, the most important thing to remember is to set aside a few minutes each day, even if it’s only five or ten, for clearing your mind and letting your thoughts and worries melt away.

Countless physical health benefits have been documented stemming from meditation practices, such as lowered risk of stress-induced ailments, as well as lower cortisol levels leading to less belly fat.

The psychological benefits are innumerable. Give it a try – it may be just the right method for you to finally get rid of the mental clutter and start living your life to the fullest.

-The Alternative Daily


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