How (and Why) to Make Natural Beard Oil for Manly Men

If you’re a lady whose man likes to wear a little (or a lot of) facial hair, you might have mixed feelings. Maybe he looks great in a lumberjack shirt and jeans with that masculine face-mane on display. But most likely when he comes closer for a cuddle, your former admiration becomes a little clouded by dismay at the scratchy, tickly sensations his bristles impose on your skin.

While many men are resistant to adopting any grooming routine beyond minimal applications of soap, toothpaste and Old Spice, some have become enlightened to the wisdom of a recently revived historical product called beard oil.

Beard oil is the modern, thinking man’s answer to facial hair maintenance. It offers solutions to many beard-related issues, such as dry, flakey skin, and hair that is brittle, dull, frazzled or scratchy. Similarly to the way we use cleansers and conditioners on our hair, a beard and moustache can benefit from a simple care regime incorporating beard oil.

What is beard oil?

The ingredients are usually simple, consisting of a selection of natural nourishing nut or seed oils and a blend of botanical essential oils. These are chosen based on the individual man’s skin and hair type, as different oils and essences have different benefits.

Besides keeping the skin healthy and flake-free, beard oil helps soften facial hair and bring out natural color and luster. Essential oils can help prevent signs of aging, bring down irritation and inflammation, and provide an alluring masculine scent.

How to use beard oil

The best time to apply beard oil is after a shower in the morning. At this time, the pores are open and dampened, so they are receptive to the nourishing oils, which will help seal in moisture to the skin. Only a couple of drops are needed for most beards, but this can be increased to several drops for thicker or more plentiful hair. A few drops can also be applied after washing the face at night.

How to make your own natural beard oil

There are many commercial and artisanal beard oils available for purchase, but you might wish to save money and have some fun by creating a custom DIY blend. This also makes a unique gift for any hairy friends and relatives.

The simplest form of beard oil is just applying a carrier oil on its own. Here are the benefits of various carrier oil choices:

Sweet almond: a light oil that improves complexion and moisturizes well.
Coconut: smoothes the skin and provides gentle sun protection.
Grapeseed: helps with acne, signs of aging and roughness.
Jojoba: leaves skin soft without oily residue; conditions hair.
Hemp seed: fresh-smelling, anti-inflammatory, non-oily.
Avocado: helps treat skin problems, diminishes age spots and scars.

Adding essential oils can augment a simple carrier oil with therapeutic value for the skin, hair and emotions. Here are some excellent choices to consider adding to your DIY beard oil:

beard oil Cedarwood: promotes hair growth (and prevents loss), grounding and woodsy.
Sandalwood: warm and earthy scent, good for dry skin, rashes and acne.
Rosemary: highly antioxidant, keeps skin cells healthy, refreshing herbal scent.
Lavender: excellent for skin health and healing, soothes anxiety.
Peppermint: cooling and refreshing on the skin, but only use a little bit in your mixture since the sensation can be strong.
Frankincense: highly anti-inflammatory, sweet earthy scent.
Melaleuca (Tea Tree): wards off acne and infections, pleasant medicinal scent.

Here is a simple recipe to use as a basis for your own beard oil. Be sure to experiment with different combinations to find what compliments your man’s whiskers best.

Natural Beard Oil
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Total time:
Recipe by:The Alternative Daily
Beard oil is the modern, thinking man’s answer to facial hair maintenance. It offers solutions to many beard-related issues, such as dry, flakey skin, and hair that is brittle, dull, frazzled or scratchy.
  • 1oz amber or blue glass bottle with dropper
  • 1tbsp base carrier oil(such as hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or any combination thereof)
  • 1/2tbsp Jojoba oil
  • 1/2tbsp extra nourishing carrier oil(such as rosehip seed oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, raspberry seed oil)
  • 6drops cedarwood
  • 2 drops lavender
  • 2drops tea tree
  • 1drop rosemary
  • 1drop lime
Servings: glass bottle
  1. Combine all ingredients in glass bottle with a dropper top. Shake to combine, and add a nifty handmade label.
Recipe Notes

When using, dispense 3–8 drops (depending on beard size) of moisturizing beard oil into the palm, and massage into the beard and face.


Enjoy your man’s new shinier, softer, healthier beard!

—The Alternative Daily


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