This Leaf Extract has 400 Times More Antioxidant Power Than Vitamin C

Make some room in your natural medicine cabinet, because today we are talking about an amazing remedy that you should definitely keep on hand. We are already familiar with the health benefits of olives and olive oil, but what about the leaves of this bountiful tree? They too contain amazing natural healing abilities.

The use of olive leaf as a medicine dates back thousands of years, starting with the Egyptians, who attributed the leaf with divine powers and used it for mummification. Its medicinal properties are also referenced in the Bible. Moroccans have traditionally used a tea or infusion made with olive leaves to treat blood-sugar irregularities and diabetes.

Modern science has investigated and confirmed a wide variety of therapeutic properties within the olive leaf with numerous studies being performed over the last century. We now know that many of the benefits are due to the active constituents oleuropein and elenolic acid. These compounds, along with others that work cohesively in the whole extract, have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, and have been shown to fight many acute and chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, common colds, malaria, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer and high cholesterol.

Here is a brief breakdown of the conditions that have successfully been treated with olive leaf extract.

Olive leaf extract for blood pressure

Studies show that olive leaf extract moderates blood pressure both as a preventative measure and as a treatment once hypertension is developed. In fact, it has been shown to perform on a similar level as prescription drugs but without side effects. The extract should not be used in conjunction with prescription drugs due to the double blood pressure–lowering effect, which may be dangerous.

Benefits for diabetics

Olive leaf extract regulates blood sugar and the development of diabetes through several mechanisms. It improves the body’s natural digestive and metabolic mechanisms, and protects tissues from oxidative damage.

Olive leaf extract against disease

Olive leaf extract has proven effective against a large number of diseases, both acute and chronic. This includes those caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa, and also diseases of inflammation. Here are some diseases that have shown to improve as a result of treatment with olive leaf extract:

  • candida yeast infection
  • meningitis
  • herpes
  • hepatitis
  • pneumonia
  • tuberculosis
  • malaria
  • cancer

… and many other difficult or “incurable” illnesses. Read more about natural remedies to boost your immune system in this article.

Olive leaf extract fights high cholesterol

Olive branchPowerful polyphenol compounds found in olive leaves directly reduce the formation of arterial plaque and also protect blood vessels from damage with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. The extract is able to prevent the oxidation of “bad cholesterol” LDL, which is the first step in the process of atherosclerosis. Olive leaf extract is therefore an important remedy for cardiovascular and circulatory health to help prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Maintain brain health with olive leaf extract

Animal studies have indicated that preventative use of olive leaf extract on a regular basis can prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and also limit the damage done by central nervous system trauma such as stroke.

Preventative health with olive leaf extract

We know stress is a common factor that causes people to have a low-functioning immune system and experience sickness on a frequent basis. Olive leaf extract appears to have many properties that help ward off illness and battle chronic conditions, some of which can be tied to low immunity.

Some of the conditions that exhibited benefits include:

  • chronic colds and infections
  • psoriasis
  • heartbeat irregularities
  • hemorrhoids
  • toothaches
  • chronic joint pain
  • food cravings

For preventative health, a recommended dosage is one or two capsules containing 500 milligrams of extract with 20 percent of the active ingredient oleuropein.

Olive leaf extract side effects

Studies conducted on olive leaf extract found that no adverse side effects were experienced even when the dosage used was several hundred times the recommended amount. However, remember to consult with your health care professional to ensure this herbal remedy is appropriate for your particular condition.

Try integrating this multi-talented remedy into your preventative health routine and enjoy long-term benefits! Learn more about the importance of antioxidants for enduring health.

—The Alternative Daily 


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