Kelee Meditation and the Art of Journaling

Recently, there have been several articles on Kelee® meditation and how it benefits your health. For those of you who have started doing the Kelee meditation practice, we have a tool to assist you in understanding and tracking your personal development. We recommend, A Daily Prescription for Natural Health, a special journal that helps you to understand your thoughts and the things that bother you. People often ask, “What do I do after I come back from my practice?” A Daily Prescription for Natural Health offers a way for you to help yourself, by showing you how to track your results.

Kelee meditation is unique, as meditations go, because of the Anatomy of the Kelee. This practice helps you to understand what is going on inside of your mind, not by focusing on your breathing, mantras, objects, or any other outside focus. Kelee meditation will show you how to focus inward, into your Kelee — a field of energy that is within us all. Kelee meditation teaches you to come to one still point, detached from all thought and doing, within your greater Kelee.

In Step Three of Kelee meditation, upon returning to the surface of your mind, you are asked to take a few minutes for introspection and contemplation, to reflect on what went on in your lesser Kelee, the surface of your mind, and in your greater Kelee. Keep in mind, if you had a perfectly still meditation, detached from all thought, there would be nothing to report. This is of course very difficult, but also extremely beneficial. You will rarely hit the still point, however getting there is where you will learn many enlightening things about yourself. The number one thing you will learn is how busy your intellect is. Kelee meditation will teach you how to calm the intellect and brain function, and open into the quiet nature of the mind itself. This happens as a result of learning how to let go of the intellect, in the lesser Kelee, and relax into the greater Kelee, where accessing the mind happens, by detaching from the neuro net, intellect, and brain function.

On each page of A Daily Prescription for Natural Health, there is a Kelee diagram to write on, draw inside or outside of, and a lined journal page to record the thoughts you had while trying to do your practice. All of your thoughts mean something, or they would not be on your mind. When you come back to the surface of your mind, remain in a relaxed state and observe, and then record what transpired, without analyzation. Once you have recorded your practice in this way, you can ponder now, or come back later, to study your thoughts. You will come to realize that many of your thoughts have formed into compartments, which can chatter and appear to have a mind of their own. Over time, you will learn how to enter into your greater Kelee, be still of mind, and learn to detach from and dissolve the negative compartments trapped in your Kelee. One day, you will have an experience where one of these compartments that has been triggered many times in your life is simply, not there. The hallmark of Kelee meditation is this, things that used to bother me, simply now do not!

This journal will help you record and track what has compartmentalized in your mind, and the quality of your Kelee, as it becomes free from negative compartments, commonly called baggage, issues, negative thoughts, hurtful personality traits, and so on. Your thoughts can become your teacher if you know how to work with them.

The journal will track 90 meditations, at the end of the journal you will be asked to refer back to your first meditation; you will be amazed at how much you have learned about yourself and how many negative compartments are gone from your Kelee. You can learn this meditation on your own with practice, persistence, and patience.

The Kelee that resides within all of us is as old as humanity itself and dates back thousands of years. When you learn to enter into it, you will know it’s real — for yourself. Now you are on your way to the most amazing experience of your life — finding the real incredible you.

If you would like a more in-depth understanding of the Kelee, we recommend The Kelee: An Understanding of the Psychology of Spirituality.

—Author, Ron W. Rathbun, Founder of the Kelee, and Kelee meditation

©2016 with permission of the Kelee® Foundation



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